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Pioneer team

Engineer Combat Platoon (US736)

The divisional combat engineer battalions were capable of performing most engineering tasks (including demolitions, obstacle emplacement, fortification, and light bridge building) for the division. Additional battalions from corps or army augmented divisional engineers for more extensive work.

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Combat Engineer Platoon

Combat engineer battalions tended to be well motivated and considered themselves to be elite specialists. On occasions combat engineers could act as infantry and frequently did so.

In addition to the combat engineer battalions there were in the Army a number of other general engineer units.

The Engineer Amphibian Brigade was designed to support amphibious operations and engineer aviation regiments and battalions were designed to construct and maintain air bases.

Pioneer team
Pioneer team

Aviation engineers included engineer airborne aviation battalions, which were designed to be air transportable; so they could repair airfields captured by airborne forces.

Engineer general service regiments and battalions performed construction, repair, and maintenance duties of all kinds behind the front lines. Many general service battalions were formed as pools of unskilled labour troops, usually African-Americans.

Over 600 battalion-size engineer units were formed during the war.

In Flames of War

Your Engineer Platoon can be used for a variety of tasks. They can be used as a premier assault force, Pioneer Rifle teams with Tank Assault 3 supported by the engineer weapons squad.

They can lay (if defending in a Mission with the Defensive Battle special rule) and clear mines.

Pioneer team
Pioneer Rifle team

If you take the supply truck you can use its contents to lay a minefield.

Likewise the bulldozer allows you the fill in tank obstacles.

Designed by Seth Nash
Painted by Jeremy Painter

Command Pioneer Rifle team Pioneer Rifle team
Pioneer Rifle team Pioneer Rifle team
Pioneer Rifle team Pioneer Rifle team

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