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Utility Set QPS02

Painters' Notes:
Utility Set

To help introduce the new Utility Set, our painters Jeremy and James tell us how they use it to create 15mm masterpieces!

Utility Set (QPS02)...

GE127 with masked camouflage

Brown and Black Shades

There’s not a lot more I can say about these wonderful time saving liquids. I’ll start with how I use it personally.

After my initial basecoat I like to give my model an overall wash of black/brown mixed together in a 50/50 ratio. The next step I add is another wash of just Black to the lower portions of the model - track, wheel hubs and such. I like to do this to accentuate my weathering later, getting a darker base than the top half of the model to show the presence of more dirt and grime.

After the washes have dried completely (always good to leave this for a day, even though the washes dry super fast) I give the entire model a super quick dry-brush of the original basecoat which doesn’t affect the recesses of the model, but gives the surface a bit more ‘grip’. After a few more coats of successively lighter dry-brushing, I get into the wet-brushing phase.

The last step I do, and as part of the weathering, I pick out certain key areas of the model with either the Black or Brown Shade. Key areas include around hatches, nuts and bolts, tools and anywhere you want to add oil streaks and extra grime. The other side effect of using the Shades are increased durability of the miniature itself, which basically counts as another coat of varnish.



 Tiger I E

Decal Softener

This heavy-duty decal solvent serves two purposes. Painting on a small amount before you apply each decals will helps it adhere more strongly to the model’s surface. Once the decal is positioned to your satisfaction, and has dried enough to stay in place, paint on more softener to soften the decal’s transparent medium, allowing it to conform to uneven detail areas – you can use a clean brush to press the decal into recesses.

CAUTION – until they have completely re-hardened, softened decals will be vulnerable to scratching and distortion, so be gentle. In particular, the surface tension of drying aerosol varnishes can cause softened decals to shrink, so we strongly recommend you wait at least two hours (and preferably until the next day) before applying a spray-on varnish.

Gloss Varnish

The only other use I can add to this is that it makes a perfect varnish to later be covered by Matt Varnish to offer maximum protection from your or other pesky gamer fingers. The gloss varnish also useful to make windscreens and window somewhat reflective.

L4 Grasshopper
 Matt Varnish

Matt Varnish

Again, not much to add. It dulls down bright. Pretty straight forward, actually. Apply the varnish in several water-thinned layers, rather than one heavy coat. A heavy coat will result in a semi-gloss effect.

Liquid Mask

This is also rather self explanatory. Removing the goo is easily done with a damp, non-fluffy rag, or a carefully pulling it off with tweezers.

 Liquid Mask     Liquid Mask     Liquid Mask

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