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5th Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive Winners

5th Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive Winners
We are pleased to announce our 5th Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive winners. Below you will find the names, stores and prizes of those who were the lucky winners. A big thank you and shout out to everyone who made this year's drive possible!

Toys for Tots Grand Prize Winner 2022
Congratulations to the Grand Prize winner, Reicher Yapelli!
Name Store State/Territory Prize
Alex Scharfe Borderlands South Carolina $50 BOX SET
Bill Balding Creative Pursuit Maryland $50 BOX SET
Bob Gunter Games Unplugged Texas $50 BOX SET
Buddy Brewer The Adventure Begins Texas $50 BOX SET
Chris Beck The Forge Hobbies and Games Texas $50 BOX SET
Chris Grau Dreamers Vault Minnesota $50 BOX SET
Curt Sabo Games Plus Illinois $50 BOX SET
Dave Renner Game Universe Wisconsin $50 BOX SET
Kaipo Balungay Armchair Adventures Hawaii $50 BOX SET
Kevin Cabai Grognard Games Illinois $50 BOX SET
Lawrence Pousard Sr Hard Knox Games Kentucky $50 BOX SET
Logan Bean Gajo Utah $50 BOX SET
Mason Wood Bards n Cards Montana $50 BOX SET
Michael Kosted Meeple Manor Washington $50 BOX SET
Mitch Payne Games Plus Illinois $50 BOX SET
Preston Jacob Atlantis Comics & Games Virginia $50 BOX SET
Quinton Gralia Legions Hobbies & Games Pennsylvania $50 BOX SET
Rich Gearheart Game Universe Wisconsin $50 BOX SET
Rob Corbeil The Game Shelf Ontario $50 BOX SET
Scott Hansen Griffon's Lair Pennsylvania $50 BOX SET
Sean Brightbill From The Ashes Pennsylvania $50 BOX SET
Steve Jesse The Game Matrix Washington $50 BOX SET
Steve Reist Games Plus Illinois $50 BOX SET
Tony Jones Adventure Games Wisconsin $50 BOX SET
Troy Baker Imperial Outpost Arizona $50 BOX SET
Beau Olson Meeple Manor Washington 150 POINT ARMY
Jessica Berry Atlantis Comics & Games Virginia 150 POINT ARMY
Mark Pawelski Games Plus Illinois 150 POINT ARMY
Nathan Ortega Level Up Games Georgia 150 POINT ARMY
Ted Haskell Borderlands South Carolina 150 POINT ARMY
Reicher Yapelli Gameology California GRAND PRIZE


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