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Operation: Uranverein

Battle Two
22 June 1944
With the shipment secured, the American task force has loaded the heavy water into trucks and is making its way towards a rendezvous point on the Norwegian coast. The trek through the Norwegian backcountry is slow going, but the steep valleys the convoy is traversing through make it difficult for an assault to be launched.

The Soviet high command has been made aware of this. There has been little indication of where the American convoy is headed, however, the most likely route has been evaluated and plans are being put into place to seize the convoy at all costs.

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Option One: Convoy Assault
With time of the essence and units on standby, Soviet high command has determined that an assault on the American convoy to seize the shipment can be undertaken in a select few places. With the confirmation of the American route, a unit has been sent to intercept the convoy before they manage to sneak back into the winding valleys.

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Option Two: Relieve the Pocket
The Americans have closed very close to the coastline, where an American force is on standby to ensure that the final distance is secured. The Soviet high command has been forced into an aggressive assault to entrap the convoy at the end of a valley before they break through to the coast.

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