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Operation: Uranverein

Operation: Uranverein
22 May 1944
The Germans are on the edge of a scientific breakthrough that will alter the course of the war. The sheer power of nuclear fission will allow for the creation of the Atomic Bomb, a weapon that in the wrong hands could wipe out nations.

Deep in the mountains of Norway is the last piece to the nuclear puzzle - Heavy Water. The most elite of the Wehrmacht have been tasked with securing the facility and its invaluable resource.

Operation: Uranverein

Elsewhere, news of the capability and devastation of nuclear weaponry has been confirmed by leading scientists, and the power of holding such potent weapons has not gone unnoticed by world leaders. The order is simple. Secure this resource before ANYONE else can, no matter what the cost.

The most elite of the elite, hardened veterans of warfare have been tasked with this mission. They take orders directly from the top, fight unseen and unheard, cloaked in secrecy. There are no rules, no alliances. Shoot first, ask questions later. Don’t stop for anything until the power of nuclear weapons rests in the hands of your capable country.

This is more than war. This is Operation: Uranverein.

Operation: Uranverein is a Choose Your Own Adventure Campaign that is played by the Battlefront Studio but controlled by the Community . Each week we will live stream a Battle Report and provide a narrative outline, taking mission submissions from the community so that you can help shape the story as it plays out. Read on below for more information.

Battle Four:
23 August 1944
With the Heavy Water safely intercepted and in British hands, the race is on to get it to the coast, on a ship and back to Great Britain. With the fighting on the front going well in the Allies favour, taking a route back towards France and to the coast should ensure that no one can retake the shipment.

The Americans have been ghosting the shipment for some days now. With it being in Allied hands the proposition is a difficult one to swallow, but the orders are still the same - retrieve the Heavy Water at ANY cost. With the British racing to coast, so too are the Americans.

Darkest Dawn
The Shipment has made it to a port on the French coast, and the British nervously await the arrival of a small cargo vessel to load the shipment onto. The Americans must attack full force to prevent the shipment from leaving the mainland. 

Battle One: 16 June 1944

Battle Four - RESULT:
9 September 1944
The Americans managed to catch the British at the crack of dawn, hunkered down on the outskirts of the port. With a surprise assault, the Americans attacked with their new experimental equipment. However, they failed to judge the size and firepower of the defending force.

Few units limped back to the American staging areas in France, sworn to secrecy as to the disappearance of good men is questioned. But the British and American high command won’t forget what happened that morning.

On the 6th of August, 1945, the Americans dropped the first of two atomic bombs on Japan. The American scientist had found another way to cause a nuclear reaction, and the result was devastating. But as the Second World War came to its end, no news came out of the United Kingdom about its procurement of nuclear technology. Only time will tell what they have managed to create.

Battle One: 16 June 1944

Battle Three:
3 July 1944
The value of the Heavy Water has been made extremely clear to the British command by their leading scientists. However, a direct assault on the Norweigan mainland was never a viable strategic option. Instead, any opportunity to intercept the cargo in German territory will be jumped on.

With German forces spread thin as large offences are planned, Romanian units are called over from the Eastern Front to assist with the transport of the Heavy Water. With the shipment due to arrive in the next few days, and no news of the successful American assault reaching them yet, the Romanian forces race into position.

Facility Raid
A key facility in the transport chain of the Heavy Water has been identified by British intelligence. With the only garrisoned units being under-trained Romanians, this is a weak link in the chain that can be exploited.

Battle Three - RESULT:
28 July 1944
The choice to place Romanian units on the defence backfired drastically. With half of the force not even reaching the facility in time, the well planned British strike force seized the facility and the vital transport lines that run through it.

German sea pressure proved too great for the Americans, with any attempt to ship the Heavy Water out of Norway thwarted by the extensive U-Boat operations in the area. After devastating American losses on the open water as the American task force lost the shipment and disappeared without a trace, the Americans picked up the trail again as the Germans offloaded the shipment on the Belgium coast for transport back to Germany. The Heavy Water, in German possession, arrived days later at the facility where it fell into British hands. With the British having seized the Heavy Water after the facility takeover, the Americans have a dangerous battle ahead.

New experimental American equipment has made it to Europe for testing prior to the big push for the Rhine. With a new American task force created and brand new equipment to be combat tested will the Americans be able to claim the Heavy Water?

Battle Two:
16 June 1944
With the shipment secured, the American task force has loaded the heavy water into trucks and is making its way towards a rendezvous point on the Norwegian coast. The trek through the Norwegian backcountry is slow going, but the steep valleys the convoy is traversing through make it difficult for an assault to be launched.

The Soviet high command has been made aware of this. There has been little indication of where the American convoy is headed, however, the most likely route has been evaluated and plans are being put into place to seize the convoy at all costs.

Convoy Assault
The Americans have closed very close to the coastline, where an American force is on standby to ensure that the final distance is secured. The Soviet high command has been forced into an aggressive assault to entrap the convoy at the end of a valley before they break through to the coast.

Battle One: 16 June 1944

Battle Two - RESULT:
22 June 1944
The Soviet assault caught the American convey off-guard, but by sheer luck casualties were minimal. Return fire was much more effective. The Americans prepare to ship the Heavy Water back towards America.

In mainland Europe, news of the raids hasn’t yet reached the British task force. Due to logistical issues landing a force in Norway wasn’t an option. However, intel has suggested plausible locations for the shipment to arrive on the mainland, and these ports are now a target of the British. German defensive units are stationed for this eventuality, and without the news that the shipment has fallen into American hands, they’re dug in and waiting.

Battle One: 16 June 1944

Battle One:
16 June 1944
The Allied forces have stormed the beaches of Normandy and are making steady progress inland. The Panzer divisions have folded, and the units sent to the frontline cannot keep up with the onslaught that is the Allied armoured push deep into France.

The German scientists are being pushed harder than ever to create their Wunderwaffe, their “wonder weapons”. With war now being fought over two major fronts, the fate of Germany now rests in the hands of these scientists and their weapons of mass destruction.
A Wehrmacht Task Force has been allocated to the hydroelectric plant in Vemork, Telemark, to relocate the first large shipment of Heavy Water by rail and ferry out to the Norwegian coast before it can be shipped to Germany. Heavy armour has been sent by rail into the mountains to secure the plant as a top priority.

The Americans, however, have had the same idea. An elite Task Force has been pulled off the frontline under top-secret orders, and have been dropped in the region to secure the Heavy Water plant for themselves, with the order to neutralize ANY resistance they might face.
Battle One - RESULT:
19 June 1944
Reports from the Telemark region indicate the German resistance at the hydroelectric plant was larger than expected, and a bloody battle was fought. However, the Americans have now secured both the facility and the shipment.

The discovery of the potential that Heavy Water has in the nuclear field has not escaped the Soviet scientists, nor the Soviet high command. Spies in the Vemork region have been closely monitoring the Americans and communicating the situation, and a strike force has been sent to ambush the Americans before they can reach the coastline.

At Battlefront HQ we will be playing out the Narrative Campaign, with a mission played on
9:30PM BST - 1:30PM PDT - 4.30PM EDT | Monday 8:30AM NZT

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After the first Live Stream Battle Report, we will be handing over the reins of the plot to the community to help us decide where we will go and how the story will evolve.

Following each Live Streamed Battle Report, we will provide some narrative framework and open up the mission submission. Then from your submissions we will pick two community submitted missions which we will then put to you to decide between via poll. The outcome of the poll will be the mission that we will play out next stream. We will be updating this page with the outcomes and story as it develops, so keep an eye on this page!

Send Your Missions to [email protected]

Designing your mission
Below you will find some resources to help you with designing your own Operation: Uranverein missions.

These missions can be as simple or complex as you want them to be, as long as you can get your ideas across to us (you don't need to be a graphic designer!). The two missions we pick will get the full Battlefront Treatment and the mission PDF will look just as you'd expect from our More Missions Pack.

The map is marked out with 10x10cm / 4"x4" gridlines to help you plan out your intended battlefield.

Be sure to give us an outline of the mission rules, victory conditions etc. Use our More Missions Pack as a basis if you're not quite sure where to start but you can be as creative as you want. You could pick out a key model or terrain feature that you think the mission should include, or just include some more narrative. The choice is up to you!

Lastly, the most important thing is to have fun and let your creative side go wild!

Table Diagram For Making Missions
Operation: Uranverein Table Diagram

 Click here to Download the Table Diagram PDF (Right Click, Save As)...

 Click here to Download the Table Diagram JPG (only map) (Right Click, Save As)...

More Missions

Missions for Flames Of War
The pack contains Twenty missions: • Annihilation • Breakthrough • Bridgehead • Contact • Cornered • Counterattack • Dust Up • Dogfight • Encounter • Encirclement •  Encounter •  Escape  Free For All • Escape  • Fighting Withdrawl • Gauntlet • Killing Ground • No Retreat • Outflanked • Scouts Out •  Spearpoint •  Vanguard •

Each mission has a double page telling you how to play the mission and detailing the mission special rules. You can either print each mission out on a single piece of paper (front and back) or print it as a booklet with each mission on facing pages.

Flames Of War-Missions.pdf...

Flames Of War-Missions (no background texture).pdf...

The entire Operation: Uranverein narrative is fictional work, but loosely based off of the historical events of the Norwegian Heavy Water Sabotage in 1943.

For more information about Operation Gunnerside and the story surrounding the raids click here...

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