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The Flames Rise in the East

The Flames Rise in the East
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new starter product designed in collaboration with BlitzMinis (also known as Blitz and Peaces), specifically designed for our customers in Asia. The Liberation two player starter set is similar to our popular Hit the Beach set and contains everything a new player needs to get started with Flames Of War.

The Flames Rise in the East

The Liberation Two Player Starter Set Contains:



3x IS-2 tanks (plastic)
2x ISU-152 assault guns (plastic)
3x Su-76 self-propelled guns (plastic)
1x Hero Motor Rifle Platoon (plastic)

2x Tiger tanks (plastic)
2x 8.8cm Anti-tank guns (plastic)
2x Pumas armoured cars (plastic)
1x German Infantry platoon (plastic)

The contents have been designed with an Eastern Front theme, showcasing the large steppe tank duels between the German Tigers and the Soviet IS-2s. We have also included a limited run of Otto Carius models and a Chinese command card to boot!

The Flames Rise in the East

The Flames Rise in the East

Inside the box you will also find a quick start guide and rulebook in Mandarin to help new players get up and running as fast as possible. The rulebook also has a QR code for an instant download of the rules. This product will give us a strong entry point for these markets in which wargaming is a relatively young hobby.

Retailers, if your store is located in the East-Asia region then this great new starter set is available for purchase from our local distributor, BlitzMinis. To open an account please contact [email protected]

Last Updated On Friday, November 13, 2020 by Luke at Battlefront