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D-Day: American

Old Reliable
9th Infantry Division

The 9th Infantry Divsiion was activated on 1 August 1940. After a period of training, the division the first of its regiments, the 39th, deployed overseas on 17 September 1942 to England where it joined the Eastern Taskforce for Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa. The 47th and 60th followed in October as a part of the Western Taskforce hitting the Moroccan Atlantic coastline.

Operation Torch

All three regiments eventually came together after Operation Torch. The Allies defeated the pro-German Vichy French in Morocco and were soon moving east toward Tunisia. However, the 9th was left behind on guard detail until 17 February 1943 when Rommel’s offensive sliced through the American lines at Kasserine Pass.

The division’s artillery was sent forward first as their help was needed the most in stopping the German spearheads. The batteries braved snow and ice in the high altitudes, and rain and mud in the lower areas to get into position 777 miles (1250km) away in just three and a half days. 

The rest of the division came up and joined the line on 27 February and took up the line next to the 1st Infantry Division at El Guettar. After several bloody battles there, the division joined the Allied assault north, completing the Tunisian campaign in May 1943. The division returned to Algiers and prepared for their next invasion.


On 1 August 1943, the Old Reliable Division landed at Palermo harbour, Sicily. The invasion of the Italian island propelled the division to Troina where it invasion was completed by other units. The 9th returned to reserve, and then left North Africa for England on 8 November 1943.


The 9th landed in Normandy on 10 June as one of only two veteran American infantry divisions. They played a key role in the battle for the Cotentin Peninsula, cutting it off at the base and sealing in the German defenders of the peninsula. The division then turned north and helped reduce the port of Cherbourg.

The division moved south and on 9 July the Old Reliable was back in action during the St. Lô breakthrough. On 25 July the division participated in the breakout operations and was credited with the furthest advance in the push. They then helped close the Falaise Gap before turning east during the pursuit of the German army across France and into Belgium.
While in Normandy, the 9th Infantry Division is recognized as one of the first divisions to successfully integrate combined arms tactics, relying on supplementary firepower to help their infantry regiments.

9th Infantry Division 
9th Infantry Division 'Old Reliable'

Fielding the 9th Infantry Division

To field a Rifle Company from the 9th Infantry Division, use the Veteran Rifle Company on page 51 of D-Day: American. You can also use the 9th Infantry Division Old Reliables Command Card gives you Rally 3+ and Tactics 4+ in exchange for Yankee Ingenuity for 1 point.

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