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Southern Nationals: “That’s a wrap”

Southern Nationals: “That’s a wrap”
With Wayne Milam & Chad Underdonk

As the Tournament Organizer it was our pleasure to host and organize this year’s “Flames of War: Southern Nationals (Mid-War)” tournament. It consisted of five two and a half hour rounds of play held over the 18th and 19th of May here at Hard Knox Games in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Players brought and battled other 109 point Mid-War armies. The winner will receive an automatic invite to this year’s Masters Tournament.

First the demographics: We had thirty-nine players participating over the weekend. The nationalities included; six American, six British, thirteen German, two Italian, and twelve Russian. On our tracking sheet players self-selected their type of list, there were; twenty armor, nine mechanized, and ten infantry lists. Players travelled from Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, Minnesota, Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Arkansas, and even included one who flew in from sunny California. Those players were representative of at least eleven game clubs including: Able Kompanie, 757 Rangers, Screaming Eagles, Tough ‘Ombres, Legions, T.R.P., All American Gamers, Lakeshore, Golf Kompanie, GITSUM, War College, and Hard Knox Gamers. Our youngest player, Ian Gall (15) came with his father Tom Gall, and friend Walker Fursa (18). There were also two other father/son duos participating. Seventeen out of twenty tables were supplied by players; and fifteen of the twenty got at least one vote for best table.

The Results: Joe Lewis came in at 1st place with 5 of 5 wins and 35 of a possible 40 points. James Best Jr. came in at 2nd place with 4 of 5 wins, and 29 out of 40 points. John Cedarberg edged out the competition on strength of schedule with 3 out of 5 wins, and 28 out of 40 points. Charlie Clay’s Italian army was voted for 13 times for Best Presentation. Charlie also earned five out of five opponents votes for Best Sport. Lastly our Best Table was brought by Chuck Hiner with five votes.

Southern Nationals: “That’s a wrap”

There are at least two forthcoming articles in the works to give an in depth analysis of the action. One will be an analysis of the lists on NoDiceNoGlory.com by Tom Burgess, and the other will be an analysis of the strategy involved on www.battlerankings.com by Chris Fretts.

Southern Nationals: “That’s a wrap”

For those interested I've uploaded the info on 2019 Southern Nationals to the official Facebook groups file section. It is a word document with one page per player, in order of their final rankings. It includes: Their name, ranking, and Strength of Schedule score. Their record of battle: stance, mission, opponent, opponents' stance, and score. And lastly their army list.

That file is available here...

We also have a short video of the action here...

~Wayne Milam & Chad Underdonk
Hard Knox Games

Rank Nation Type Name



Mech Joe Lewis
2nd British  Armor James Best Jr.
3rd  German Armor John Cedarburg
4th  Soviet Armor  Brian Koches
5th  German  mech  Tim McLelland
6th  Soviet  Infantry  Erin Macheski-Preston
7th British  Infantry  Chris Jackson
8th  German  armor  James Best Sr
9th  German  mech  David Vigor
10th  German  Infantry  Tyson Swigart
11th  Soviet  Infantry  Andrew Hopson
12th  Soviet  armor  Richard Sanders
13th  Soviet  armor  Ed Hall
14th  Soviet  armor  Chuck Hiner
15th  German  mech  William Brown
16th  German  armor  Patrick Connolly
17th  German  Mech  Chris Novak
18th  British  armor  Tom Burgess
19th  Soviet  Infantry  Chris Fretts
20th  Soviet  Infantry  Dick Hurchanik
21st  Soviet  armor  Ben Ivancza
22nd  British  armor  Jim McKinney
23rd  British  armor  Ian Gall
24th  Italian  armor  Charlie Clay
25th  German  armor  Richard Baier
26th  Italian  Infantry  Tom Gall
27th  German  Mech  William Stone
28th  American  armor  James Markstone
29th  German  armor  Raymond Loh
30th  American  mech  Walker Fursa
31st  Soviet  Mech  Richard Novak
32nd  Soviet  Infantry  Mike Pike
33rd  Soviet  Infantry  Larry Nicastro
34th  German  Infantry  Lawrence Pousard Sr
35th  German  Mech  Alan Wright
36th  American  Armor  Scott Erny
37th  American  armor  Lawrence Pousard Jr
38th  British  Armor  Allen Underwood
39th  American  Armor  Chad Underdonk (Ringer) ***

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