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Battleground Belgium 2018

Battleground Belgium 2018
Flames Of War Mid War - Tournament - 80 Points - V4 

Held 22 September 2018 at MFC De Hagewinde ( De Tilde), Poststraat 6, 9160, Lokeren, Belgium

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Army List
No more than 80 points can be spent on an army.

Army lists from the following sourcebooks are allowed:

  • Afrika Korps
  • Avanti
  • Desert Rats
  • Armoured Fist
  • Fighting First

Send you list to [email protected] before 15/09/2018

The official Flames of War rulebook for Mid war will be used. The latest Lessons From The Front will also be used.  The tournament will consist of 3 rounds. The missions are the following:

Mission 1: Dust Up

Mission 2: Encounter 

Mission 3: Annihilation

Every battle will last 2 hours. Half an hour and fifteen minutes before the end of the battle, players are informed about the remaining time. At the end of a battle the judges will call the ‘Dice Down’. At that moment, players have to finish the last round.

Opponents for the first round will be picked random, taking into account as much as possible regular opponents and players sharing clubs. The second and third round pairings are based on a Swiss scoring system.  Blue-on-blue pairing will be avoided as much as possible.

In case pre-battle discussion or deployment takes longer than half an hour, or if a player does not show up in time for a battle, please consult a judge and explain your view of the situation.

Players are expected to bring all necessary objectives and tools to be able to play all scenario’s listed. Discuss your army lists, the table, terrain features, and their effect on troops before the battles begin. If something is not clear, try to agree upon it (i.e. by rolling a die).

Play nicely and thoughtfully. If a roll (e.g. reserves)/action has been forgotten, remind your opponent and let them catch up. Please remember that this is a game and should be fun. Contact a judge in controversial situations.

Only dice that lie flat on the table count. If you wish, use a common set of dice with your opponent.

Registration and Admission fee
Registration for the tournament can be done by sending an email to: [email protected]

Participating in the event will cost 15€ per person if you pay in advance. This fee provides you a place in the tournament and lunch. You will receive a voucher upon arrival and registration on the day of the tournament.

Please send your entry fee, with the mention of Your Name and Battleground Belgium to the following bank account:

Hans Vannoppen
BE 53 7795 9102 2953

Important! If you pay at the day of the event itself, the admission will be 17€.

On Friday the 15th, we will make a final list of payments made, so make sure that your payment has come through before this date. All entrance fees will be used to pay for prize support, and contribution to the facilities.

Time Schedule:

09:00hDoors open and registration 

09:30h - 12:00h: Battle 1

12:00h - 12:45h: Lunch

 12:45h - 15:15h: Battle 2

15:30h - 18:00h: Battle 3

18:00h Winners, photo’s, beers, and goodbyes

Snacks are available throughout the day at the bar, as well as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. No drinks are included in your entrance fees. 

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