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M3 75mm GMC Unit Card 

Player Submitted V4 Unit Cards
Since the release of V4 we have had players submitting their ideas for how to include some of the units and models that have not made it in to the new V4 books.

If you have an idea for one of these, check out Daniel's M3 GMC article for some inspiration about how he went about creating the stats and points

Dan's M3 75mm GMC Formation...

Can We Use These In Tournaments?
Before any of the submitted cards go up on the website we make sure to have a look at them to see if there is anything too outrageous, however they have not gone through the same standard of playtesting that a published product has gone through.

Therefore before including any of these in a tournament list you should absolutely check with the event organiser first. It is up to their discretion as to whether or not allow their inclusion in their events.

Read Dan's Article, Got An Idea, What Now?
Write up your article and Unit Card (doesn't need to be pretty, just readible) and email it through to the Editor at Battlefront and we will have a look at it and either give you feedback, or schedule one of the graphics team to pretty it up and then add it to the website.

Email the Editor here...

Afrika Korps

Armoured Fist

Fighting First


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