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Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746) Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746)
includes one Company HQ team, one Unit Leader team, three MG34 teams, one 2.8cm Anti-tank Rifle team, one sMG34 HMG team, one 8cm mortar team and four Unit cards.

After taking heavy casualties in the siege of Tobruk, infantry units in Africa were reorganised to have 'fewer men, more weapons'. Each company was organised as a self-contained battlegroup with its own anti-tank and artillery capability. This allowed the tanks to operate independently from the infantry, giving them the freedom to manoeuvre against the enemy.

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Afrika Korps
The German Afrika Korps is a hard-fighting force of tough veteran troops who have won many battles and expect to win many more. Their Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks outclass the British tanks they face, and have been steadily upgraded to maintain their edge over the opposition. Their infantry are organised to have ‘few men, many weapons’, so they pack a ferocious punch whether facing infantry or tanks. These are backed by the famous ‘88’ dual-purpose anti-tank/anti-aircraft gun and the Stuka dive bomber.

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Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746)
Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746) Leutnant Werner was always surprised how cold the desert got at night. After a day of sweating in the hot sun, the cool night air chilled him to the bone. However, tonight he expected things to get much hotter. It'd been quiet since the slaughter at Alam El Halfa six weeks ago. Now though, there was something in the air. It was the full moon and the British were up to something, he was convinced of it.

Werner went to his command post to hear the latest news. 'All is still quiet', was all that his platoon commanders passed back to him. His watch said nearly midnight. Perhaps he'd been wrong to worry.
Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746) Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746)

A huge flash like sheet lightning illuminated the eastern sky from north to south. After a moment's puzzlement, Werner realising what it must be, hundreds, many hundreds of guns firing, dropped to the bottom of his foxhole. Seconds later a rolling thunder, almost deafening in its intensity, washed over his position as shells began to rain down. The world shook as if the gods pounded a huge drum, on and on. Then, after an eternity, it stopped.

Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746) Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746)

Poking his head over the parapet, Werner was surprised to see that the British soldiers were overrunning his outposts, their bayonet's flashing in the moonlight. They must have come through the minefields hard on the heels of the bombardment, almost amongst the exploding shells. The quick bursts of fire from his machine-gunners, tracer arcing out into the desert, told him that his men were fighting back. Thumps from the mortar position announced out-going bombs. Followed quickly by the booms of their explosions as they laid a barrage across the front to cut off the attackers.

Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746) Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746)

Werner cocked his MP-40 submachine-gun, took a deep breath, stood up, and yelled, 'Let's go!' His plan was for
the reserve section to counterattack before the enemy could consolidate their gains. He fired from the hip as a
shape loomed out of the darkness, falling as his bullets punched into its torso. A series of loud cracks to his left
told of a grenade fight that ended with a sudden scream.

Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746)
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Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon
Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746)
Unit Cards
Afrika Korps (x1) Movement Order (x1)
Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746) Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746)
Afrika Rifle Company HQ (x1) Afrika Rifle Platoon HQ (x1)
Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746) Afrika Korps Rifle Platoon (GE746)

Boot Camp Battle Report
Afrika Korps vs. Desert Rats
To conclude the lessons laid out in the 4th Edition Boot Camp, Phil and James put the theory into practice by playing a 62-point game using the Free For All mission.

Boot Camp Battle Report: Afrika Korps vs. Desert Rats...

Boot Camp Battle Report: Afrika Korps vs. Desert Rats

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