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US Marines Gaming Accessories

For the USMC, they are about to launch the attack they have been waiting for. Revenge is within grasp as each rifleman, tanker, atrilleryman, and airman prepare their war machines for their greatest battle yet. Oo-rah!

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US Marines Objective Set (TO025)
includes three full-colour US Marines Objective Markers.

While it is sometimes easier to simply use a spare large base, these full-colour objectives provide an attractive alternative that really stands out on the tabletop.

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US Marines Objective Set (TO024)

US Marines Token Set (TK037)
includes 30 full-colour US Marines Gaming Tokens.

The US Marines Token Set contains 30 full-colour gaming tokens including:

4x Bailed Out tokens; 4x Bogged Down tokens; 4x Dug In tokens; 4x Gone To Ground tokens; 4x Pinned Down tokens; 2x Ranged In tokens; 2x Reorganising tokens; 2x At The Double tokens; 4x Non-Assaulting Team tokens.

Check out the US Marines Token Set in the online store here...

US Marines Token Set (TK037)

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