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Pacific Forces for Flames Of War Digital and Forces Of War

With Wayne Turner 

Since completing Banzai and Gung-Ho, I have not been idle. I have been working with a group of contributors to produce a selection of Pacific Intelligence Briefings to further expand Flames Of War Pacific. Following is a quick break down of what we have in store:

British Flag  British

We will have a number of British Intelligence Briefings for the British in Southeast Asia for the Malaya and Burma campaigns. We will have a 1941 to 1942 British Rifle Company, a Burma 1943 British Rifle Company and a Burma and India 1944 to 1945 British Rifle Company. These cover the British divisions and battalions in Malaya and Burma throughout the war, ratings and equipment changes as the war goes on, going from trained to veteran. Their support changes as new equipment and units arrive in theatre.

Pacific Forces for Flames Of War Digital and Forces Of War

We will also cover the British Special Force, or Chindits. There will be three intelligence briefings covering these forces; a 1943 Chindits' Special Force Column, a 1944 Chindits' Special Force Column, and a 1944 Chindits' Special Force Jungle Fortress fortified company. The famous Chindits did a number of major deep raids behind Japanese lines in Burma. They are based around a light infantry column with supporting arms.

Indian Flag  Indians
Pacific Forces for Flames Of War Digital and Forces Of War

The bulk of the mean doing the fighting in Burma against the Japanese are men of the Indian Army. Like the British these forces have several intelligence briefings to cover rating and equipment changes through the campaigns.

Three different briefings cover the Indians. The first covers the Indians in Malaya and Burma 1941 to 1942 and is an Indian Rifle Company. Then there is Burma 1943 Indian Rifle Company, and finally a Burma and India 1944 to 1945 Indian Rifle Company. These have much same organisation and equipment as the British, but with their own unique Indian rules (see Fortress Italy). 

Australian Flag  Australians

I worked with Scott Elaurant from Australia to cover the Australians fighting in the Pacific Theatre. The Australians have a number of unique organisational and equipment adaptation stemming from their fighting in the initial New Guinea campaigns.

We have created three different Intelligence Briefings to cover the changes in ratings, support, organisation and equipment used by the Australian in the Pacific. The first briefing covers Militia and regular force in New Guinea with a 1941 to 1943 Australian Rifle Company. The second briefing covers the reforms and changes for the fighting in 1943 to 1945 with the Australian Jungle Rifle Company. Our final briefing cover the 1941 to 1945 Australian Commando Squadron. The commandos were lightly equipped and were used for raiding and flanking moves. 

Pacific Forces for Flames Of War Digital and Forces Of War
New Zealand Flag  New Zealanders
Pacific Forces for Flames Of War Digital and Forces Of War

New Zealand remained committed to fielding a division in Italy, but despite this the New Zealand government began raising the 3rd New Zealand Division to take part in the Pacific War.

These troops saw combat in the Solomon Islands during the Green Islands campaign. We have created a New Zealand Rifle Company for these campaigns.

Japanese Flag  Japanese

While Banzai covers the Japanese Imperial Army quite comprehensively Scott Cooper has been working on two intelligence briefings to over the Special Naval Landing Forces of the Japanese Imperial Navy.

These Japanese Imperial Navy land forces were formed for special missions as needed. Often they would lead an assault on Island. After taking it they would often stay as its garrison. These briefing cover their landing and attacking formations with a Kaigun Tokubetsu Rikusentai Chutai (Special Naval Landing Force Company) and a defensive force with a Yõsai Kaigun Tokubetsu Rikusentai Chutai (Special Naval Landing Force Fortified Company.These companies replace a number of normal Japanese rules with their own and have a number of unique platoons, as well as a full range of support.   

Pacific Forces for Flames Of War Digital and Forces Of War
Marines Flag  Americans: Marines
Pacific Forces for Flames Of War Digital and Forces Of War

The US Marine went through a number of organisational and equipment changes throughout the war in the Pacific. With the help of Paul Westermeyer were have created three briefing to cover the US Marine during the fighting on Guadalcanal in 1942. These are a Marine Rifle Company, Marine Raider Company, and Marine Parachute Rifle Company.

These forces represent the early organisation of the US Marines armed with Springfield rifles and less BARs. Weapons and Regimental supports are different, and their support doesn't include the later equipment such as the Sherman etc.

US Flag  Americans: US Army

Of course not all the fighting was done by the US Marine Corps in the Pacific. The US Army committed a large number of divisions to the fighting in the Pacific outnumbering the Marines substantially. They fought in places like the Philippines where the US Army lead the way, as well and alongside the Marines during the Island campaigns.

 We have created three intelligence briefing to cover the fighting of the US Army in the Pacific. These different briefings cover support and rating changes throughout the Pacific War.

Pacific Forces for Flames Of War Digital and Forces Of War

The first covers the Philippine Scouts, or Philippine Division, that saw action during the initially fighting alongside the poorly equipped Philippine Army in 1941 and 1942. This is represented by a Rifle Company.

The second covers the US Army divisions in New Guinea, Guadalcanal, and New Georgia from 1942 to 1943 with another Rifle Company. Finally we cover the later period with a Rifle Company covering the return to the Philippines and the Central Pacific 1944-45.

Banzai and Gung-Ho
In the next few days we will have the Banzai and Gung-Ho intelligence briefings going up on Flames Of War Digital and soon after on Forces Of War as well. Keep an eye on the Flames Of War website to find out when the additional briefings previewed above will be live inside our Digital app available on both iPads and Android devices, as well as Forces Of War.
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