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Team Yankee Armageddon Launch Event

It's not history - it's Armageddon! 
World War III Begins December 12 2015

It's 30 years since the events of Harold Coyle's landmark novel Team Yankee, in which the Cold War got very hot. Battlefront's much-anticipated World War III game based on the events of the novel will finally be in stores this month.
Get a free set of exclusive objective markers!
Exclusive Team Yankee US Objective Exclusive Team Yankee Soviet Objective
 One time only!

This is your one and only chance to receive a set of exclusive laser-cut acrylic objective markers. All you have to do is buy your copy of Team Yankee on launch day at any participating game store, and the objectives are yours absolutely free. These will never be available again, so they will forever identify you as a Team Yankee launch-day veteran.

Team Yankee - World War III

You can place a pre-order with your store to ensure they reserve you a copy of the book, as well as a set of objectives.

The Team Yankee Rulebook

Team Yankee brings the conflict that simmered throughout the Cold War to life. This 120-page full-colour harcover book includes background, rules, missions, scenarios and painting guides – everything you need to play Team Yankee games where you command your troops in miniature on a realistic battlefield.

Along with the rulebook, you will be also be able to buy two fantastic new all-plastic army deals. Each includes a formidable force with tanks, armoured transports and attack helicopters, along with all the appropriate unit information cards you need to field your army:

Bannon's Boys - American Spearhead Force
Outnumbered and outgunned, Captain Sean Bannon and his men will have to fight hard and they'll have to fight smart if they are going to survive.
Bannon's Boys - American Spearhead Force

Potecknov's Bears - Soviet Breakthrough Force
Lt. Colonel Yuri Potneckov's motor rifle battalion is preparing to execute its mission in the scientific manner that he was taught at the Frunze Military Academy and used in Afghanistan.
Potecknov's Bears - Soviet Breakthrough Force

So don't wait - talk to the staff at your local game store about pre-ordering Team Yankee now.
 Participating stores – US and Canada... Participating stores – UK, Europe and Rest of the World...

Web Orders

For customers who shop online rather than through a physical store, don't worry – you won't be left out!
Our retailers who sell online will be included.

Plus, all pre-orders through our online store will also receive the objectives.

You can pre-order Team Yankee from the online store now...

Bannon's Boys - American Spearhead Force Potecknov's Bears - Soviet Breakthrough Force
Pre-order Bannon's Boys... Pre-order Potecknov's Bears...

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