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Battle of An-Nakhl Sale

Six Days In June
The 'Battle of An-Nakhl' Arab-Israeli War Sale

It took the Israeli army six days in June 1967 to destroy the armies of their neighbours. To commemorate this conflict and celebrate the imminent return of the Desert Fort, we are having our 'Battle of An-Nakhl' Arab-Israeli War Sale.

For a little over two weeks we are reducing the price of all Arab-Israeli War boxes and blisters by 40%. There is no confusing 'buy two, get one free' this time - just a straight discount.

The Fate Of A Nation book is also reduced to US$10.

Capped Shipping**

We are capping the price of shipping during the sale to a maximum of:

US$10/ €8 / £5

*Plus US$10 / €8 / £5 for each Desert Fort and Ruins included in your order.
(The Desert Forts will be shipped separately, and are such large, bulky items it would be too costly to include them in the capped shipping.)

Don't worry about the 'Shipping Cost' displayed at check-out. The correct capped freight charge will be applied by our team when your order is processed.

**New Zealand and Australian Customers will be charged at the USD rate. Rest of the World Customers: Due to the diverse range of the places that ROW covers (from Afganistan to Zambia) the shipping charge as shown on the website will be discounted by 50% when our team process the order.

 Click here to go straight to the Arab-Israeli War section of the online store...

What was the Battle of An-Nakhl?
After punching through the Arab defences at Abu Ageila, General Ariel Sharon’s 14th Mechanised Brigade raced towards An-Nakhl and the Mitla Pass to cut off the retreating Arab forces before they reached the Suez Canal. General Shazli’s armoured Task Force reached the old Turkish fort at An-Nakhl first, holding it long enough for the Arabs to slip out of the Israelis' grasp.

The fighting around the fortress is a perfect chance to use the fantastic Battlefield in a Box Desert Fort, with its unique special rules, which can be found here...

Battle of An-Nakhl Sale
 Coming next week we will will have the Battle of An-Nakhl scenario for you to download...
Desert Fort - Get it now!
 The Battle of An-Nakhl Sale Q & A

Q: When will I be charged for my order?
A: Just like the Vietnam sale, orders will be charged once they are downloaded from the website by our warehouse staff and processed in our sales system.

Q: Is the dicounted pricing listed in the online store?
A: Yes, the prices for AIW items include the 40% discount, and all sale items are clearly identified, like this:

Sale image

Q: Will Fate Of A Nation digital content be reduced in price for the duration of the sale?
A: Yes, but only Flames Of War Digital (unfortunately we don't have the ability to apply discounts in Forces Of War)

Q: Will there be enough stock?
A: Yes, all AIW products are well stocked in anticipation for the sale. But if demand is higher than our stock levels, we will produce the excess as soon as possible and completely fulfil orders in the same order that they came through the webstore. So get in early to avoid disappointment. The Desert Fort (and Ruins) will ship separately from the rest of your order as we are waiting for the stocks to arrive.

Q: How long does the sale last?
A: The sale starts on 12 June 2015 and ends 29 June.

Q: I'm a bit confused about the capped shipping. Can you explain a bit further?
A: The maximum you will be charged for shipping orders from the sale is US$10 / €8 / £5, except for orders which include a Desert Fort or Desert Fort Ruins - they will be charged an additional US$10 / €8 / £5 for each Desert Fort or Desert Fort and Ruins. Don't worry about the 'Shipping Cost' listed at check-out. The correct freight charge will be applied by our warehouse team when your order is downloaded and processed. Here are a few examples:


  • Arthur orders 8 Arab-Israeli War tank boxes and 5 blisters. He will only be charged US$10 for shipping.
  • Barry orders 10 tank boxes, 1 Desert Fort and 1 Ruins. He will be charged US$20 for shipping.
  • Catherine orders 12 tank boxes, 2 Desert Forts and 1 Ruins. She will be charged US$30 for shipping.


Q: Is the Desert Fort included in the 40% discount?
A: No. 

Q: If I have already pre-ordered a Desert Fort do I need to do anything?
A: No, you should already have received an email from us outlining what to do.

Battle of An-Nakhl Sale

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