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Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
includes one Monitor boat.

The Monitor was based on the ATC, but the boat’s ramp was replaced with a blunt-shaped bow and the forecastle extended. Known as the MRF’s “battleship”, it could carry a large number of weapons. A river division had up to three available for operations to provide serious firepower to patrols.

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Brown Water Navy
The waterways of the Mekong Delta are busy with sampans, merchants, villages, and farming communities. They are the life blood of South Vietnam, through which over half of the entire country’s rice flows. It is remote with few roads accessing the interior’s rice fields and jungles. The Việt Cộng have launched their liberation movement from within this formidable fortress.

However, the US Army and Navy have come together to create the Mobile Riverine Force, a joint operation of infantry and assault boats. They are reinforced with helicopter gunships, devastating Skyraider aircraft and more. This new force is ready to take the fight upriver.

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Brown Water Navy
Monitor (VUSBX13)

Monitors were heavily armored, and normally mounted the largest guns of all riverine warships. The name originated from the US Navy's USS Monitor, which made her first appearance in the American Civil War, and being distinguished by the use of revolving gun turrets.

The Monitor could call on some formidable weaponry, including a powerful turret-mounted 40mm gun, three 20mm cannon, and a multipurpose 81mm mortar. And that's not even mentioning the Zippo variant, with two fearsome flame-throwers.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie

Monitor (VUSBX13)
Monitor (VUSBX13)
  The Monitor Monitor


61’ (18.5m)
Beam: 17’ 6” (5.3m)
Draft: 3’ 6” (1m)
Displacement: 169,000lb (76 tonnes)
Speed: 8.5 knots (16km/h)
Crew: 11
The Monitor in Brown Water Navy












Equipment and Notes 








Slow Tank




Assault Boat, Bar-armour, Artilery observer, Self-defence MG.

Two Mk 16 20mm gun 16" / 40cm
4(each) 4 5+ Deck turret.
Mk 16 20mm gun  16" / 40cm 4 5 5+ 360-degree turret.
Mk 2 81mm mortar 24" / 60cm 2 2 3+ Deck turret, Smoke.
Mk 3 40mm gun 16" / 40cm 4 6 3+ Deck turret.
with Mk 19 40mm Grenade MG 16" / 40cm 2 2 3+ Deck turret.
Monitor (VUSBX13)
Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
Monitor (VUSBX13)
The Monitor’s position was at the head of the force, minesweeping and defusing booby traps.

Booby Traps cannot be placed under other friendly boats within 12”/30cm of the stern (rear) an Monitor. However, they may be placed under an Monitor instead. An Monitor may gap a Minefield (see page 225 of the rulebook) placed in river terrain as though it were a Pioneer team.

Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
Monitor (VUSBX13)
Monitor (VUSBX13) 

Assembling the Monitor

Follow this guide to correctly assemble your Monitor. For metal and resin models like this one, we recommend you use cyanoacrylate 'Super Glue'.

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Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
The contents for the Monitor Box Set
Monitor (VUSBX13)
Step 1. Add the bow to the hull (you don't have to use glue for this part). Step 2. Glue the pilot's deck to the hull. Below. Hull assembled correctly.
Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
Step 3. Glue the guns into their turrets as shown below. (Make sure you don't glue the 40mm gun into the 20mm gun turrets). Step 4. Glue the hatch cover to each of the the Zippo Flamethrowers.
Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
Step 5. Next place the Flamethrower onto the gun mount (Ensure you do not glue this part so you can rotate the guns in game.) Step 6. Glue the gunner to the 81mm mortar.
Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
For your 20mm turrets you have the option of choosing the M2 .50cal turret or the 40mm Grenade turret. The Monitor has three different variants. The CCB Monitor, Zippo Monitor and the Monitor with MK 2 81mm mortar. Look below to see the placement for each variant.
Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
Monitor (VUSBX13) Monitor (VUSBX13)
Happy Modelling!
Monitor (VUSBX13)

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