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Changes To The Book Pricing Regime Changes To The Book Pricing Regime
with John-Paul

Over the last ten years we have constantly tried to add more value to our printed products while at the same time keeping the design and quality at the highest level. Due to a growth in our buying power  (thanks to your support and an ever-growing player base) we have recently secured a new long-term printing contract that allows us to print for a much lower price. These savings will be reflected in the marketplace by a lowering in price of our entire Flames Of War paper product range.

These prices will come into effect starting with the new Barbarossa book due out later this month. Effective immediately, the RRP of our new books will drop to the following:
Changes To The Book Pricing Regime
All soft-back Intelligence Handbooks are currently US$30 • €24 • £18 but will now be US$20 • €16 • £12.
Changes To The Book Pricing Regime
All hard-back Compilations are currently US$50 • €40 • £30 but will now be US$30 • €24 • £18.
Changes To The Book Pricing Regime
All book-set hard-back Compilations are currently US$85 €70 £50 but will now be US$60 €48 £36.
Changes To The Book Pricing Regime
This change in the pricing regime will affect all new products going forward and we felt it only right to review the prices of the books we have already printed as well. It felt wrong that somebody new to the hobby would be more likely to pick up only the newest book at the new price, and not look at all the great books that came before. As such, these new prices are not just for all new products but for the entire existing range as well.
We have already talked to all our stores and have a plan in progress to allow them to make this change on all their current stock immediately without them being out of pocket in any way. We hope to see the new prices in force through all our customers as soon as this weekend.

~ John-Paul.

Last Updated On Thursday, October 9, 2014 by Chris at Battlefront