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Great War Painting Competition
Learn more about Great War here...
With the launch of the Great War range, we want to see your painted forces! We will be running a Facebook painting competition, where you can show off your freshly painted platoons, or just check our other people’s efforts and ‘Like’ your favourites.

There will be three winners:

■ People’s Champion (the entry with the most ‘Likes’) ■ Best German platoon (chosen by Battlefront staff) ■ Best British platoon (also chosen by Battlefront Staff).

You can enter more than one platoon if you wish, but please only upload one photo per platoon. Don’t worry if your photos aren’t to a professional standard. But remember - the better your photos look, the more ‘Likes’ you will get, so it’s worth taking some extra time to get the best photos you can with your equipment.

Great War hasn’t been out for very long, and some people take longer to paint than others. So to make it fair, we are giving you plenty of time to get an entry in. The winners will be selected on Friday October 10th.

Last Updated On Friday, August 15, 2014 by Blake at Battlefront