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Firefly IC (BR114) Firefly IC (BR114)
includes on Firefly IC tank, one plastic Sherman Component sprue & one Tank Commander.

The Firefly was arguably the best variant of the Sherman to see service during the Second World War. Armed with the legendary 17 pdr gun, it gave the British and Commonwealth tankers the ability to knock-out even the most formidable tanks available to the Wehrmacht.

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Road To Rome
The Allied push up the boot of Italy had come to a dramatic halt outside the small Italian town of Cassino. Looming above the battlefield stood a large Benedictine monastery, which commanded the approach up the Liri Valley toward Rome. Over eight months the Allied and German armies attacked and counterattacked each other with heavy losses and little gains. Even with the landing at Anzio, where the Germans responded with a ferocious assault in a bloody but unsuccessful counterattack, little headway was made. The Allies amassed what reserves they could for a final attempt to break the deadlock at Cassino, connect with the bridgehead at Anzio, and claim the prize of Rome.

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Road To Rome
Firefly IC (BR114) The original Firefly VC was a conversion of the M4A4 Sherman, or Sherman V (the British designation for the M4A4); the C was the British designation for a tank armed with a 17 pdr gun. But with M4A4 production halting in 1943, the M4 Sherman or Sherman I was chosen to supplement the dwindling stocks of Firefly VCs.

As the war went on, the Firefly IC began to overtake the VC as the most numerous version the up-gunned Sherman.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown
Firefly IC (BR114) Firefly IC (BR114)
The Firefly IC in Flames Of War
Equipment and Notes
Firefly IC (late) Standard Tank 6 4 1 Co ax MG, Tow hook.
OQF 17 pdr (late) gun
2 15
No HE, Semi-indirect fire.
Firefly IC (BR114) Firefly IC (BR114)
Tow Hooks
The infantry often had difficulty getting their anti-tank guns forward after attacks, so an armoured brigade in Tunisia devised a very clever solution. They fitted their tanks with tow hooks allowing them to tow the 6 pdr guns. It worked so well that soon almost every British tank was fitted with a tow hook.

Any tank fitted with a tow hook may tow a 6 pdr or 17 pdr gun, carrying the crew as Passengers riding on the Tanks (see page 47 of the rulebook).
Firefly IC (BR114) Firefly IC (BR114)
Some weapons come equipped only with armour-piercing ammunition, and have no high explosive ammunition at all, reducing their effectiveness against infantry and ‘soft’ targets.

Hits from weapons with No HE cannot be allocated to Infantry or Gun teams. If only Infantry and Gun teams are valid targets, all hits from weapons with No HE are ignored completely as the anti-tank gun has no targets.

Gun teams with No HE are not completely helpless against Infantry teams though as they can shoot as Rifle teams if necessary (see page 117 of the rulebook).
Firefly IC (BR114) Firefly IC (BR114)
Semi-indirect Fire
British heavy tanks often open fire at very long ranges, where their prolific use of ammunition can compensate for the difficulty of hitting the target. It means that their ammo racks empty fast, but there’s plenty more available for resupply.

Weapons capable of Semi-indirect Fire that didn’t move in the Movement Step may re-roll failed rolls to hit when shooting their main guns at platoons with all teams more than 16”/40cm away.

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