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Studio Ausbildings Company: Part One Studio Ausbildings Company: Part One
with the Battlefront Studio

Last month the Battlefront NZ studio had the crazy idea of painting a German Ausbildungs Panzerkompanie from Desperate Measures. Each person took on one tank and painted it in a 12 hour painting session. Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing each of the platoons in the company with some close-ups of each staff member's tank, and a little insight into how they achieved their result.

Some of the staff were done well under time, while others used the full time (and maybe a little extra), but this what makes painting an Ausbildungs company great: the company can look mismatched and pulled together. Some tanks were training tanks, others were veteran tanks that had managed to stay running this late in the war. The staff were free to paint their tank however they liked. Some of us are great tabletop painters; efficient and get lots of armies on the table. Others are more detail and weathering oriented, so it was nice to see a wide range of painting styles all come together into one company.
Below: The Battlefront Studio's Ausbildungs Panzerkompanie.
Studio Ausbildings Company: Part One
A company was made from Desperate Measures with the goal of having 12 tanks for our 11 painters, and with as much of a mix as possible. We decided to go with the Panzer Ausbildungs Abteilung 500 (Replacement Heavy Tank Force) Company. Once the list was made each staff member chose a tank to paint, with one exception. One tank was to be painted by the whole team (more on that in the coming weeks). Here is what the army looks like:

Stay tuned as next week we'll get a close look at the company HQ and the Tiger I E platoon.
Below: The army list.
Studio Ausbildings Company: Part One

Last Updated On Wednesday, December 18, 2013 by Blake at Battlefront