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Overlord (FW115)

Atlantik Wall:
Preview of the New German Intelligence Briefings

During the process of updating the Normandy compilations to make them fully V3 compliant we found a number of lists that we wanted to add to make the book bigger and better than before. For the Germans this meant that we were able to include an updated Panzergrenadierkompanie, two Pioneerkompanies as well as completely updating the Festungskompanies and adding a specific Brittany list.

Learn more about the Normandy compilations; Overlord and Atlantik Wall here...

Atantik Wall
New German Intelligence Briefings
The Panzergrenadierkompanie
The Panzergrenadierkompanie pairs up the benefits of being rated as an Infantry Company with the option to have transport for your infantry should you need to attack. The addition of Minefields and Machine-gun Nests makes the force even tougher on defence whilst it can still be supported by the usual anti-tank guns, Tigers, Panthers and heavy artillery!
The Panzerpionierkompanie
A Panzerpionierkompanie is built to attack enemy Infantry Companies and defend against Tank Companies so you can build your force accordingly. Just make sure you bring your Pioneer Supply Trucks so help breach enemy defences or lay down some of your own. Panzerpioniers are also heavily armed with Rifle/MG teams giving them more flexibility.
The Pionierkompanie
The Pionierkompanie has all the benefits of a force packed full of Pioneers, combined with some surprisingly heavy support in the shape of two platoons of Jagdpanthers, Brummbars, 88's and heavy artillery. Dig in and let the enemy come to you!
The Festungskompanie (Brittany)
The Festungskompanies received a makeover, but a specific Brittany version was also added with options for your fortifications to be manned by Fearless Veteran FJ or Confident Trained Infantry. Each Brtittany Wiederstandnest has a variety of equipment to defend any beach with HMG Nests, FlaK Nests, 88 Nests, Bunkers, Barbed Wire, Trenches and even a Graff Spee pillbox or two!
Festungskompanie (Brittany)

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