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Operation Overlord
Bought To You By WWPD & Battlefront Miniatures.

6 June 1944 marked the turning point in World War Two and the moment when the Allies landed in Normandy and started to push the Germans back to their homeland. Get ready to take part in the largest Amphibious and Airborne Operation in history, Operation Overlord! Prepare to hit the beaches as you fight alongside and against hundreds of other people around the world as they attempt to recreate history (or change it) and fight to control Nazi occupied France.

WWPD in collaboration with Battlefront Miniatures celebrate the release of the D-Day Compilation with an attempt to create the largest campaign for in the history of Flames Of War.

Better Know Your Normandy Compilations
There is a lot of conversation about the new compilations and one of the questions that many readers and posters have had in one form or another is, ‘What’s actually in the books?’ We think that’s a fair question, so we've provide two downloadable PDFs covering the Army Lists featured in both books.

Download a PDF of the Army Lists featured in Atlantik Wall here...

Download a PDF of the Army Lists featured in Overlord here...

Atlantik Wall (FW114) Overlord (FW115)
Pre-Registration begun on 16 May 2013, the D-Day books will be released early June and the Operation Overlord Air-landings and Beach Assaults will commence on 16 June 2013 for those who have pre-registered. By the end of the week beachheads will have been established and the tone for the rest of the campaign will have been set, will the Allies be dead in the sand or will they be in Berlin by Christmas? One week later the main campaign will begin, the points next to the landing zones will be open and it’s the Allies job to work their way towards the objectives, Caen, St-Lo and Cherbourg, it’s the Axis job to stop them.

Every time you submit a battle report the results are logged and the victory points are added to the area, the winner is decided when a number of criteria are met or exceeded. Points can be clicked, under each point you can see the battle report submission form as well as details about the location you are attacking, including recommended terrain, historical information and its difficulty rating.

To find out more about Operation Overlord, visit WWPD at:


Operation Overlord
Or sign-up at the official WWPD Operation Overlord website: www.overlord.wwpd.net Or discuss Operation Overlord on the WWPD forum here: Operation Overlord on the WWPD forum...
New Beach Landing Mat

Not everyone wants to build a beach table to game on, let alone carry one round to your friends place. So we put our collective thinking caps on and came up with a full colour printed gaming mat. This mat is 4' (120cm) wide and 16" (40cm) deep. Put it on the end of your gaming table and you are ready to invade Normandy all over again.

We will have more details on the website soon regarding pricing and availability!

Beaching Landing Mat
Beaching Landing Mat

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