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Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708) Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708)
includes one Command M16 team, two Machine-gun Squads each with two M60 LMG teams, one Small three-hole base & four Medium four-hole bases.

The M60 evolved as a result of the US Army's desire to replace the aging Browning series of machine-guns in favour of a general purpose machine-gun in a similar vein to the MG42 used by the Germans during World War Two.

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Tour Of Duty
The Vietnam War defined a generation, whether it was through service in Vietnam or opposition to the war. The war in Vietnam remains one the bloodiest wars since the Second World War.

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Tour Of Duty
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708) 1/7th Cavalry’s support weapons were reorganised into a new D Company as the battalion prepared to depart for Vietnam. The scout platoon was reorganised as an extra rifle platoon, while the anti-tank platoon left its M40 106mm recoilless guns back in the States, picking up M60 machine-guns instead. When the anti-tank platoon landed on LZ X-Ray, they were able to hold the exposed flank with the extra firepower of their machine-guns.

Designed by Anton Ducrot
Painted by James Brown & Jeremy Painter
The M60 LMG Teams
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708) Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708)
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708) Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708)
The M60 LMG in Flames Of War Vietnam
Mobility Range
ROF 2 when Pinned Down or moving.
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708) Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708)
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708) Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708)
The Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) Ready The Pig For Action
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708)
The Contents Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) Blister Pack
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The Command Team
Description of Components
a. 1x Standing NCO figure pointing.
b. 1x Standing rifleman figure with M16 by side.
1x Standing officer figure talking on radio handset.

Assembling The Command Team
Simply arrange figures A, B and C to taste on the small three-hole base provided in the blister pack.
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708)
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708) The NCO & Rifleman Figures
Description of Components
a. 2x Kneeling rifleman figures aiming M16.
b. 2x Kneeling NCO figures with arm raised.

Assembling The NCO Figures
The Machine-gun (Airmobile) Platoon is made up of two Machine-gun squads; each of these squads has two M60 LMG teams. To correctly represent each machine-gun squad, one team in each section needs to contain a NCO figure as parts of the three-man crew.
The M60 LMG Teams
Description of Components
a. 2x Kneeling M60 gunner figures.
b. 2x Rock piles.
c. 4x Prone M60 loader figures.
d. 2x Prone M60 gunner figures.
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708)
Assembling The M60 LMG Teams
A Machine-gun Squad contains two M60 LMG teams; each M60 LMG team needs to consist one M60 LMG manned by a three-man crew. One M60 LMG team in each section needs to contain one of the NCO figure, one of either of the gunner figures (either figures A or D) and the loader figure (figure C). To model the other M60 LMG team in the squad, simply replace the NCO figure with the rifleman figure (see the NCO & Rifleman text above). The M60 LMG teams are based using the medium four-hole bases included in the blister pack.

Tip: The kneeling M60 gunner (figure A) rest the M60 machine-gun on the rock pile.
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708) The Bases
Description of Components
a. 1x Small three-hole base.
b. 4x Medium four-hole bases.
US Infantry Painting Guide
Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS708)

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