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K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02) K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
includes five K-1 (T-34/85M) tanks, one Tank Commander sprue, five Plastic T-34 component sprues & one PAVN tank decal sheet.

The Vietnamese term xe thiết giáp (ironclad vehicle) is used to refer to tanks. However, the influence of the English word ‘tank’ has also led to the use of xe tăng (pronounced ser tung), or simply tăng as well. Confusingly, tăng itself means increase or up.

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Tour Of Duty
The Vietnam War defined a generation, whether it was through service in Vietnam or opposition to the war. The war in Vietnam remains one the bloodiest wars since the Second World War.

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K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
The K-1 (kiểu or type 1) tank was the T-34/85M, a modernised Second World War-era tank, the first type of tank received by the PAVN. This type was most common in Laos, but mostly worn out and replaced by the time of the invasion of South Vietnam in 1972.

Tank designed by Evan Allen
Tracks & plastic componets designed by Will Jayne
Painted by Mark Hazell

K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02) K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
The K-1 (T-34/85M) in Flames Of War Vietnam
Equipment and Notes
K-1 (T-34/85M)
Standard Tank 7 5
Co-ax MG, Hull MG, .50 cal AA MG.
85mm ZIS-53 gun 32"/80cm
2 12 3+
K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02) K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
Having seen combat in World War Two this trusty old warhorse is still a front line tank in many armies. While it may not be a match for the latest American hardware its presence on the battlefield can make a difference.
K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02) K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
Hen and Chicks
Tank crews are trained and equipped with Soviet tanks. Their doctrine requires the entire company to operate as a single entity under tight control of the company commander. Combined with a preference for going into battle with all hatches closed, this results in Nationalist tanks following their company commander, as the Germans described it in the Second World War, ‘like chicks following a mother hen’.

If a Nationalist Warrior or Platoon Command team moves in the Movement Step, all of the Tank teams in its platoon (Nationalist company) must move as well. If the Platoon Command team does not move, only Tank teams that started the Movement Step Out of Command may move.

Any Tank team that moves adds +1 to the score required to hit when shooting with its main gun. This gives a cumulative penalty of +2 for ROF 1 weapons unless they have Stabilisers. Machine-guns do not suffer this penalty.
K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02) K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
AA MG (Anti-aircraft MG)
Many vehicles are fitted with anti-aircraft machine-guns to protect the crews from strafing and dive-bombing aircraft. These are fired by the crew from the open hatches of their vehicles. Manning the anti-aircraft machine-gun during an assault invites a grenade through the open hatch if the defensive fire isn’t effective.

An AA MG has an all-round Field of Fire and is a Self-defence Anti-aircraft weapon (see page 182 of the rulebook) allowing it to engage aircraft as well as targets on the ground. However, firing an AA MG leaves the vehicle more vulnerable. In assaults a tank that fired an AA MG in this or the previous player’s turn has a Top armour rating of 0.

Anti-aircraft machine-guns can be fired at the same time as other machine-guns, but not at the same time as a Main Gun, since the commander and gun crew cannot do two things at once.
K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02) K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
The K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company Pass Through A Village
K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
Contents of the K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company Box Set
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
Description of Components
a. 1x Tank commander sprue.
10x Rare earth magnets.
5x .50cal AA MGs
d. 5x Left-hand side tracks.
e. 5x Right-hand side tracks.
f. 5x Resin K-1 (T-34/85M) turret & hulls.
Plastic T-34 Component Sprue
Description of Components
a. 5x Plastic T-34 component sprues.
K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
PAVN Tank Decal Sheet
Description of Components
a. 1x PAVN tank decal sheet.
Assembling The K-1 (T-34/85M)
Follow the diagram to the below to correctly assemble the K-1 (T-34/85M).

Tip: Use the figure of your choice from the tank commander sprue to identify the platoon command tank.

Finally, make use of the rare-earth magnets to secure the turrets to the hulls.

Read Chris’ guide to using rare-earth magnets with you Flames Of War miniatures here…

Below: The assembly diagram for the K-1 (T-34/85M).

K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)
PAVN Tank Painting Guide
K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02)

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