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Tour Of Duty

PAVN Gaming Accessories
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With the release of Tour Of Duty, we've updated the gaming token sets for the PAVN and release the PAVN dice set, objective set and Army Kit Bag patch.

PAVN Objective Set (VE101)
includes three full-colour nation specific objective markers.

In Flames Of War Vietnam, most missions require each player to have two objectives. While it is sometimes easier to simply use a spare large base, these full-colour objectives provide an attractive alternative that really stands out on the tabletop.

Check out the PAVN Objective Set in the online store here...

PAVN Objective Set (VE101)
PAVN Dice Set (VE002)

PAVN Dice Set (VE002)
includes sixteen full-colour nation specific themed dice.

The People's Army of Vietnam viewed the area around Saigon as critical to winning the Vietnam War; these dice are a must for the troops of the B2 Front in their struggle to re-unit the communist North with the capitalist South.

Check out the PAVN Dice Set in the online store here...

PAVN Patch (BAGP17)
includes one full-colour nation specific Army Kit Bag patch.

You can personalise your Army Kit Bag in a number of ways, firstly you can get your name embroidered and attached via the top strip. Secondly we have an increasing range of National or Unit symbols that you can attach to the front.
Now avaliable is with the release of Tour Of Duty is the PAVN patch for the Army Kit bag.

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PAVN Patch (BAGP17)
The PAVN Token Set (VE001)
includes 27 full-colour gaming tokens.

The PAVN token set contains 27 full-colour gaming tokens including:

4x Bailed Out tokens; 4x Bogged Down tokens; 4x Dug In tokens; 4x Gone To Ground tokens; 4x Pinned Down tokens; 1x Ranged In tokens; 2x Reorganising tokens; 2x At The Double tokens; 2x Non-Assaulting Team tokens.

Check out the PAVN Token set in to online store here...
The PAVN Token Set (VE001)

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