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Total War

Total War and Support Companies

There comes a time in every gamer's life when they want to do something big. Total War is designed to do just that - put big armies on big tables. Instead of a mere company, you can field your entire collection at once. With the release of Normandy Battles we saw an opportunity to revisit the original Total War rules that we came up with years ago and give them an update, as well as making them more accessible for gamers that had not purchased either of the Firestorm Campaigns.

Total War is geared towards having fun. It is more of a social game than a competitive one. To that end, the Total War rules and missions are designed to be fun and intriguing and though the forces are balanced against each other the focus is on making sure that all players have a fun and interesting game.

In Total War each player builds a company and then the fun begins as you work together to defeat your opponents, hopefully over some pizza and drinks!

Support Companies are an evolution of this idea where one player takes a force that is built around their Divisional Support platoons rather than Combat platoons. This is your chance to field a force largely composed of artillery, 88’s, self propelled infantry guns or anything else you can think of.

We asked the Studio to come up with a few ideas for what types of Support Companies they would field if they could pick anything…

Chris' Support Company: Brummbär-tastic!
Anyone that knows me has probably heard of my love for Brummbars - Phil is still holding out on me when it comes to making a Brummbar company PDF for the website. So when we had the opportunity to put together our idea of what we would field for a Support Company I knew my choice would be easy….

I started with the Volksgrenadierkompanie from Nuts! – partially because the book was already on my desk but also because there were some good support options to back up my Brummbars!


Brummbars on the attack

With 12 Brummbars I knew I would want to add some anti-tank and anti-aircraft support as I would have no problems taking out infantry or guns. My first choice was a single Jagdtiger as there are few things that can stand up to its massive gun. PaK40s were another easy choice as they provide some additional AT and you can never have enough of them.

Ambushing Jagdtigers

Artillery was next on my shopping list and I ended up with a battery of 15cm sFH18 howitzers. Their high AT means that they can hurt tanks, and even dug-in infantry or guns cannot stand up to a repeat bombardment for long. 15cm Nebelwerfers gave me another decent artillery option, as well as (and most importantly) a cheap smoke delivery device.

Artillery in support

Last, but not least was a small battery of 3.7cm Flak43 guns. I would have liked to have had more, but I only had the one AA choice in my company diagram – it was not much but at least it was something.

Looking at the list it looks like a nice supporting force, capable of doing a number of different things, but still reliant on the other companies to provide the provide the bulk of the attacking troops.

HQ Platoon: 1 Brummbar (taken from a Combat Platoon). Points included
Combat Platoons  
Sturmpanzer Platoon: 3 Brummbars. 280 points
Sturmpanzer Platoon: 4 Brummbars. 280 points
Sturmpanzer Platoon: 4 Brummbars. 280 points
Support Platoons  
Schwere Panzerjager Platoon: 1 Jagdtiger. 345 points
Volks Anti-tank Gun Platoon: 3 7.5cm Pak40. 155 points
Volks Heavy Artillery Battery: 3 15cm sFH18. 225 points
Volks Anti-aircraft Platoon: 3 3.7cm Flak43. 100 points
Volks Rocket Launcher Battery: 3 15cm NW41. 70 points
Total: 1735 points
Nebelwerfers ready to fire

Mike's Support Company: Firepower 1+
The full strength of a Panzer Sturmmörser Kompanie is four 38cm Panzersturmmörser or "Sturmtigers". Target acquired!

Using the Volksgrenadier Kompanie in Nuts! as my guide, I've assembled my Support Company as follows. It represents both Panzer Sturmmörser Kompanien 1000 and 1001 together, which actually had 7 Sturmtigers between them. 

Company HQ: 1 Sturmtiger. 160 points
The rules for support companies say that if my force is a tank force, I nominate one of my combat platoons' tanks as the CiC, so I've promoted the Sturmtiger from Platoon 3, which now ceases to exist.  
Combat Platoons
Heavy Assault Howitzer Platoon: 2 Sturmtiger. 320 points
Heavy Assault Howitzer Platoon: 2 Sturmtiger. 320 points
Support Platoons  
Heavy Assault Howitzer Platoon: 2 Sturmtiger. 320 points
Volks Pioneer Platoon: 3 Squads. 275 points
Volks Tank-hunter Platoon: 4 Hetzer. 340 points
Total: 1735 points
I should be ready to flatten the streets of Antwerp in no time at all...just as soon as those panzer troops open the way to the Meuse that is!
Phil's Support Company: It's Tank Destroyers Jim, but not as we know 'em!

If two are good, then three are better, right? At least that’s my thought on creating my support company. One of the forces I’ve been playing with lately is a Desert Rats Motor Company from Turning Tide, with two Self-propelled Anti-tank Platoons in support. It’ll be fun to see what happens if I reverse that – a Self-propelled Anti-tank Battery with a Motor Company in support. Just as long as the enemy field plenty of tanks, I should be fine. Hopefully the other players will handle the things I can’t (minor things like dug-in infantry or anti-tank guns, or super-heavy tanks!).

So, without more ado, here’s 194 Battery, 65th (Suffolk & Norfolk Yeo) Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA), 7th Armoured Division as it would have been if it fought en masse.

Company HQ: Reluctant Veteran with two half-tracks 45 points
(Yes, I know that the rules say that one of the tanks should be the HQ, but the SP Anti-tank used half-tracks or disarmed Crusader A/A tanks as command vehicles)  
Combat Platoons  
Self-propelled Anti-tank Platoon: 4 M10C (17 pdr) SP 275 points
Self-propelled Anti-tank Platoon: 4 M10C (17 pdr) SP 275 points
Self-propelled Anti-tank Platoon: 4 M10C (17 pdr) SP 275 points
Support Platoons  
Motor Platoon: 3 Motor Squads 110 points
Motor MG Platoon: 2 Machine-gun Sections with MMG Carriers 135 points
Field Battery (SP), Royal Artillery: 2 Gun Troops with jeeps 355 points
Total: 1470 points
Achillies in action
Wayne’s Total War Support Company
My support company is themed on the 15. Volks-Werfer Brigade supporting 26. Volksgrenadierdivision at the siege of Bastogne during the Ardennes offensive. The Volksgrenadier Sturm Platoon, machine-guns and FlaK provided defence for the rocket launchers, while the Hetzers loiter nearby in reserve.

~ Wayne.
15cm NW41
Support Company HQ (rated Reluctant Trained)
Transports are two Kübelwagen jeeps.
20 points
My support company is taken from Volksgrenadierkompanie diagram on page 46 of Nuts. For my combat platoons I’ve taken Volks Rocket Launcher Batteries.
Volks Rocket Launcher Battery
with 6 15cm NW41 rocket launchers, Kübelwagen jeep and Sd Kfz 11 half-tracks.
140 points
Volks Rocket Launcher Battery  
with 6 15cm NW41 rocket launchers, Kübelwagen jeep and Sd Kfz 11 half-tracks. 140 points
Volks Rocket Launcher Battery  
with 6 21cm NW42 rocket launchers, Kübelwagen jeep and Sd Kfz 11 half-tracks.
165 points
Support Platoons
Volks Rocket Launcher Battery
with 6 30cm NW42 rocket launchers, Kübelwagen jeep and Sd Kfz 11 half-tracks.
200 points
Volksgrenadier Sturm Platoon (Confident Veteran)
with 2 Assault Squads and 1 MG Squad, 1 Panzerschreck team
295 points
Volks Machine-gun Platoon (Confident Veteran)
with 2 Machine-gun Sections and Command Panzerfaust SMG team
145 points
Volks Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon (Confident Veteran)
with 3 3.7cm FlaK43 guns and 3-ton trucks 105 points
105 points
Volks Tank-hunter Platoon (Confident Veteran)
with 3 Hetzer tank-hunters
255 points
1465 points
15cm NW41

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