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Rifle/MG team Puskás Platoon (HU702)
Hungarian Rifle Platoon

The backbone of the Hungarian 2nd Army in Russia were the riflemen of the Light Divisions. Nine Light Divisions in three corps were deployed along the Don River supported by the 1st Armoured Field Division in reserve.

Puskás Platoon (HU702)

Light Divisions of the 2nd Army:

III Corps
6th Light Division (22nd and 52nd Regiments)
7th Light Division (4th and 35th Regiments)
9th Light Division (17th and 47th Regiments)

IV Corps
10th Light Division (6th and 36th Regiments)
12th Light Division (18th and 48th Regiments)
13th Light Division (7th and 31st Regiments)

VII Corps
19th Light Division (13th and 43rd Regiments)
20th Light Division (14th and 23rd Regiments)
21st Light Division (21st and 51st Regiments)

Command Rifle team
Company Command Rifle team

The Hungarian rifleman has a long and proud military tradition going back to the 15th and 16th centuries when Hungarian Haiduk musketeers served as mercenaries across the Balkans and Eastern Europe, even spawning imitators (Polish Haiduks). Under the Austrian Hapsburg Empire the Hungarians (along with the Croatians and German Austrians) provided the most reliable infantry during the 18th and 19th centuries and into the First World War.

With independence after the First World War the Hungarian’s kept many of the traditions of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, with most of the officer corps coming from the old Imperial Army. 

Their Uniform also reflects this influence, retaining the German style helmet and unique Hungarian calf hugging trousers. Rather than adopt the Austrian peaked cap for undress they adopted the peak-less cavalry cap which became the undress standard for the whole army. Only the Border Guard and Mountain Rifles retained the peaked cap (which is much like the German).  Rifle/MG team
Rifle/MG team In 1932 the Hungarian established their first Motorised Rifle units and quickly developed it along side the armoured units. The 1st Motorised Regiment of three battalions of motorised riflemen supplied the infantry compliment of the 1st Armoured Field Division.

Pack Contains

The pack contains an entire Puskás Platoon of 3 Puskás Squads and platoon command team. It also contains a Páncélvadász miniature to upgrade your command team to a Command Páncélvadász Rifle team. It also contains three machine-gunners so you can upgrade your Rifle teams to Rifle/MG teams.

The pack also contains an extra Command Rifle team to help create your Company HQ. Your minimum two platoons required for the company will get you sufficient Command Rifle teams to form your Company HQ.     

Rifle/MG team
Rifle/MG team In Flames of War

Puskás Platoons form the core of any Puskás Század (Rifle Company). It is a large platoon and that gives them excellent staying power, plus the Páncélvadász Rifle team (assault AT 4) can often help deter tank assaults.

The Puskás Platoon pack can also be used to field the motorised infantry of the Gépkocsizó Lövész Század. Just use this pack in conjunction with HU420 Botond trucks (3 per platoon and 1 for the Company HQ).

Designed by Evan
Painted by Wayne

Rifle/MG team
Rifle/MG team Rifle/MG team
Command Páncélvadász Rifle team Rifle/MG team
Rifle/MG team Company Command Rifle team
Rifle/MG team Rifle/MG team
Rifle/MG team Rifle/MG team
Puskás Platoon

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