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3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)

3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
includes three 3.7cm FlaK43 Anti-aircraft gun with crew, one Command SMG team, one Small three-hole base & three Medium bases.

During the pre-war and early period of the war medium anti-aircraft guns (3.7cm and 4cm calibres) were relegated to a relatively minor role in Germany’s air defence. Instead emphasis was placed on the light 2cm calibre weapons such as the FlaK30, FlaK38 and Flakvierling 38 (Quad 2cm).

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The Ardennes Offensive
In December 1944 the German forces on the Western Front made one last major push in the Ardennes and Alsace-Lorraine, trying to split the Allied forces in half and force them to negotiate a peace treaty. It was a daring all-or-nothing gamble.

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The Ardennes Offensive: German Forces in Lorraine and the Ardennes, September 1944 - February 1945
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)

As the Allies imposed their dominance in the skies the need for medium anti-aircraft weapons became greater. The 2cm weapons hitting power and range was not always up to the task, the 3.7cm weapons offered greater range and hitting power without a dramatic decrease in the rate of fire.

The original 3.7 cm Flugzeugabwehrkanone 18 gun was developed by Rheinmetall in 1935 and was essentially an enlarged version of the 2cm FlaK30.

Above left & left: The Command SMG team.

Like the smaller weapon it used a mechanical bolt for automatic fire and had a good rate of fire of about 160 RPM. The 3.7cm Flak18 was only produced in small numbers.

Development continued resulting in a lighter two-wheel mount produced as the 3.7cm Flak36. An improved sighting system introduced the following year produced the 3.7cm Flak37. Existing weapons were upgraded with the new sight. It was put back into production in 1942 and 1178 were made before production ended in 1944. 

The 3.7cm FlaK43 Guns
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
Gun Shields
Manning a gun in the thick of battle is a hazardous job. To offset the increased vulnerability of gun crews to enemy fire, many guns have a bulletproof gun shield.

Gun Shields provide your Gun teams with Bulletproof Cover from shots fired from in front of a line drawn across the front of the team’s base. Shots fired from behind this line hit the unprotected crew behind it.

Gun Shields do not provide cover to teams moving At the Double, nor from artillery bombardments.
However, the Germans were not content with the 3.7cm FlaK37 gun. The design was modified to have a new gas-operated breech that improved its rate of fire to 250 RPM. The new design also dropped its weight from 1544kg to 1247kg. Other changes were made to ease production. The result was the 3.7cm Flak43.
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
Guns on Turntables
Some guns, mostly anti-aircraft guns, are mounted on turntables allowing them to turn in any direction.

Gun teams on Turntables can fire in any direction.
Although the weapon was complete in 1942, production did not start until 1944. 928 3.7cm FlaK43 guns were produced by end of the war.

The 3.7cm FlaK43 in its towed ground mount version was mostly issued to Luftwaffe anti-aircraft units. These Luftwaffe unit, however, were often found supporting Heer units in the field.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Mark Hazell

3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
The 3.7cm FlaK43 in Flames Of War
Range ROF
3.7cm FlaK43 gun Immobile 24"/60cm 4 6 4 Gun shield, Anti-aircraft, Turntable.
The 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) Ready For Action
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
The Content of the 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) Blister Pack
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)

Command Team
Description of Components
a. 1x Officier figure.
b. 1x Standing Rifleman figure.
c. 1x Rifleman figure raising rifle.

Assembling the Command Team
Simply arrange one of figure A along with figure B and one of figure C to taste on the small three-hole base provided.

3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
Description of Components
a. 3x Gunner figures.
b. 1x Kneeling figure in helmet.
2x Kneeling figure in softcap.
d. 3x Loader figures.
e. 3x Ranger finder figures.

Assembling the Gun Crew
To assemble the gun crew, simply arrange them to taste around the 3.7cm FlaK43 on the medium bases provided. The gunner figure (Figure A) is used when assembling the 3.7cm FlaK43 guns. Click here to see how to assemble the 3.7cm FlaK43 gun.

3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
Description of Components
a. 3x Ammo clips.
b. 3x 3.7cm guns.
c. 3x Gun base plates.
3x Side gun mounts.
e. 3x Base gun mounts.
3x Large gun shields.
3x Small gun shields.
1x Small three-hole base.
3x Medium bases.
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
Assembling the 3.7cm FlaK43 Anti-aircraft Gun
Step 1. Begin by sliding the gunner figure into place on the side gun mount. Step 2. Next, attach the 3.7cm FlaK43 gun to the opposite side of the gunner at the desired angle of elevation. Step 3. Attach the ammo clip to the side of the 3.7cm gun in the notch provided.
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
Step 4. Next, attach the gun mount base to the gun mount. The gun mount and the gun mount base should align like the examples shown below. Step 5. Next up is the gun shield. Begin by joining the two halves of the gun shield.
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
Step 6. Next, attach the gun shield to the gun mount base by apply a small amount of hobby glue on the tab at the base of the gun shield. The gun shield and the gun mount base should align as shown in the examples below.
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)
Step 7. Finally, attach the 3.7cm FlaK43 gun to the gun base plate. With the 3.7cm gun in place, the anti-aircraft gun is ready for painting.
3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549) 3.7cm FlaK43 Platoon (Winter) (GE549)

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