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HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)

HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)
includes one Command Carbine team, four M1917 HMG teams, four Medium four-hole bases & one Small three-hole base.

When the United States entered the First World War, the US Army was armed with only a very limited number of machine-guns, most of which were obsolete designs.

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Left: The Command Carbine team.

The Battle of the Bulge
In December 1944 the German forces were supposed to be on the back foot, so their desperate push in the Ardennes took the Allies by surprise. Desperate defence by the American and British Commonwealth forces gradually turned to counterattack as they fought to erase the 'Bulge'.

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Battle of the Bulge: Allied Forces on the German border, September 1944 – February 1945
HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755) Upon their arrival on the Western Front, the Doughboys were forced to borrow machine-guns from their French Allies to make up for a lack of numbers.

It wasn’t until the US War Department turned to the genius of John Moses Browning and his M1917 design that contracts were written and orders placed for 45,000 of these guns.

The design remained in service during the Second World War and while the water-cooled M1917 heavy machine-gun is a bit more cumbersome than the light models, it had a devastating rate of fire.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie
The M1917 HMG in Flames Of War
M1917 HMG Man-packed 24"/60cm 6 2 6 ROF 3 when Pinned Down or Moving.
The M1917 HMG on Snow Bases
HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755) HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)
HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755) HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)
The M1917 HMG on Earth Bases
HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755) HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)
HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755) HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)
The HMG Platoon Prepare To Fire
HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)
The Contents of the HMG Platoon (Winter) Blister Pack
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HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755) The Command Team
Description of Components
a. 1x Standing figure with SMG.
b. 1x Standing figure with SMG and hand up.
c. 1x Standing riflemen figure.

Assembling the Command Team
Simply arrange figures A, B and C to taste on one of the small three-hole bases provided.
HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)
Description of Components
a. 2x Kneeling NCO with SMG.
b. 1x Kneeling riflemen figure loading rifle.
c. 1x Kneeling riflemen figure aiming rifle.
d. 2x Loader A figures.
2x Loader B figures.
f. 4x Gunner figures.
g. 4x HMGs
h. 4x HMG tripods.
i. 1x Ammo belt sprue.

The Bases
Description of Components
a. 1x Small three-hole base.
b. 4x Medium four-hole bases.

HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)
Assembling the HMG Team
Step 1. Begin with the HMG tripod. Step 2. Add the HMG to the top of the tripod. Step 3. Next, add a gunner figure behind the HMG. Step 4. Finally, add a loader figure ensuring the loader is feeding from the gunner's left-hand side.
HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755) HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755) HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755) HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)
The HMG platoon is made up of the Command Carbine team and two Machine-gun sections. Each of these section has two teams, made of three members. Besides the gunner and the loader one team needs to include a NCO figure while the other has a rifleman to make up the numbers. Use the examples below as inspiration when it comes to modelling your HMG teams.
Below: An example of an HMG team with an NCO. Below: An example of an HMG with a Rifleman.
HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755) HMG Platoon (Winter) (US755)

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