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Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)

Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)
includes two Skorzeny Commando teams, two one-piece resin jeeps, two sign posts & one barrel.

The role of Skorzeny’s commandos is to sow the seeds of panic and confusion amongst the ranks of the American defenders during the opening stages of the Ardennes offensive. This would allow the hard-hitting panzers to then smash through the lines of the disorganised enemy.

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The Ardennes Offensive
In December 1944 the German forces on the Western Front made one last major push in the Ardennes and Alsace-Lorraine, trying to split the Allied forces in half and force them to negotiate a peace treaty. It was a daring all-or-nothing gamble.

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The Ardennes Offensive: German Forces in Lorraine and the Ardennes, September 1944 - February 1945
Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660) Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)
Skorzeny Commando Groups in Flames of War

Skorzeny Commando teams are unarmed Independent Jeep teams. Being composed entirely of Independent teams,
a Skorzeny Commando Group is not a platoon for any purpose whatsoever.

Perfect Disguises
Skorzeny Commando teams are considered friendly teams by your opponent’s force, although they do not consider the opponent’s teams to be friendly teams. As such, they can never be shot at, used as the Aiming Point for an Artillery Bombardment, or assaulted, by enemy teams. Nor can Skorzeny Commando teams shoot, launch an assault, or perform a Stormtroopers move. However, unlike normal friendly teams, enemy teams can shoot through Skorzeny Commando teams.

Ignore Skorzeny Commando teams completely during artillery bombardments or air attacks, and when determining the Safety Distance for aircraft.

Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660) Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)
Skorzeny Commando teams are deployed in your opponent’s Deployment Area, immediately after your opponent’s
Independent Teams have been deployed.

Skorzeny Commando teams may only move during your opponent’s Movement Step after all of your opponent’s teams have moved. Skorzeny Commando teams can move within 2”/5cm of enemy teams, but can never move At the Double.
Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660) Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)
Time to Head Back
If a Skorzeny Commando team ends its Movement Step within 16”/40cm of a friendly team (other than another
Skorzeny Commando team) it is removed from play.

If a Skorzeny Commando team is Exposed (either by being Challenged or by failing in an attempt to Sow Chaos), it is Destroyed and immediately removed from play. This is the only way a Skorzeny Commando team can be Destroyed.
Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660) Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)

During your opponent’s Shooting Step, your opponent may Challenge a Skorzeny Commando team with any of their Command teams within 6”/15cm. Instead of shooting, each command team that wishes to immediately Challenges the Skorzeny Commando team. The rest of the platoon may shoot as normal.

Each time it is Challenged, the Skorzeny Commando team must make an immediate Skill Check:

■ If successful, the Skorzeny Commando team answers the challenge correctly and is not Exposed.

■ If unsuccessful, the Skorzeny Commando team fails to give the correct answer and is Exposed.

Figures & Jeep designed by Evan Allen
Bases & Extras designed by James Brown
Painted by James Brown

Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660) Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660) Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)
The Skorzeny Commando Group Behind Enemy Lines
Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)
Content of the Skorzeny Commando Group Blister Pack
Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)
Description of Components

a. 1x Kneeling figure with SMG.
b. 1x Standing figure with pistol.
c. 1x Standing figure with foot on helmet.
d. 1x Standing figure leaning forward.
e. 1x Standing riflemen figure on a lean.
f. 1x Standing riflemen figure with rifle on hip.
1x Barrel with field cap and rifle.

h. 1x Sign post.
i. 1x Sign post in barrel.
j. 2x Seated passenger figure with rifle.
k. 2x Driver figures.
l. 2x Seated passenger figures with carbine.
m. 1x One-piece jeep and base A.
n. 1x One-piece jeep and base B.
Assembling Skorzeny Commando Group
When it comes to modelling the Skorzeny Commando Group you have free rein to use the figures and accessories included in the pack to tell whatever story you like with these teams. See the examples below for a few ideas.
Below: Examples of Different Ways to Model the Skorzeny Commando Group.
Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660) Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)
Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660) Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)
Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660) Skorzeny Commando Group (GE660)

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