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Flames of War Battlefront Miniatures & Battle Foam Expand Their Partnership

As many of you already know Battle Foam and Battlefront have been partners for many years.  We are excited to announce the next chapter in our relationship is here.  After several years of offering the complete FOW Kit Bag solution through our usual channels we satisfied the market to some degree but always felt we could be doing more to give gamers and store owners more of what they wanted. With the Battle Foam expansion this past year and the opening of offices to directly service the stores and keep up with demand we are now able to do this.
Effective immediately Battle Foam will be exclusively selling the FOW Kit Bag and all its additional products to stores and gamers directly. Over the next few weeks and months not only will you get a more reliable flow of products but what was just a single bag with a fixed assortment of foam will now be unlimited flexibility. Battlefoam 
This means that we will be able to offer custom mixes of foam to suit new armies, badges and name tags and have it all ordered through your local store or direct online. Battle Foam is now producing product in local markets allowing it to respond to demand and offer an enormous assortment of options so that that what was once a single option becomes completely unique to your force.
  • Full range of foam now available to customers and retailers.
  • Custom Loaded Army Kit Bags for each and every army.
  • More foam trays releasing in 2012.
  • Quick and accurate distribution to all markets via our Battle Foam trade sales team.
  • A full range of army patches along with custom name tapes on demand.
  • More Custom Army Toppers that can be added to any bag order.
  • 3 ways to order your bag. Empty, Standard, and Fully Custom.
  • US and UK distribution for all retailers worldwide.
  • Great rates on foam and load outs previously unavailable.

All retailers will be contacted by Battle Foam directly in the next few weeks to get set up to take advantage of this new and improved range of FOW Kit Bag’s. 

For more information please go to www.battlefoam.com or contact us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

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Last Updated On Thursday, April 12, 2012 by Chris at Battlefront