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Supply Wagon (XX652)

Supply Wagon (XX652)
includes one Pioneer Supply Wagon & one Large base.

The horse has long been a part of the military, whether it be as a mount for dashing cavalry, pulling thunderous chariots or just getting equipment from point A to B.

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Pioneer Supply Vehicles
Pioneers need their supply vehicle for the heavy-duty tasks like constructing fortifications.

In missions that use the Prepared Positions special rule, you may place:

■ one Minefield, or
■ three Barbed Wire Entanglements

in No Man’s Land or your Deployment Area for each of your Pioneer Supply vehicles that begins the game on the table. Place these Obstacles when you place the Pioneer Supply vehicle.

The Second World War was not different, the humble horse (and donkey as well) was still a major form of motive power in many nations armies.

The two most prominent users of horsepower during World War Two are ironically also seen as two of the technical innovators better known for their tanks and other vehicles; the Soviet Union and Germany. Just about all of the heavy equipment of these to nation's Infantry Divisions were moved by horses.

Designed by James Brown
Painted by Mark Hazell

Supply Wagon (XX652)
Pioneer Supply Vehicles
Pioneer supply vehicles carry stocks of pics, shovels, and explosives that make digging in much easier.

A platoon with a Pioneer Supply vehicle within 2"/5cm of the platoon Command team, or any Independent team within 2"/5cm of a Pioneer Supply vehicle, may re-roll failed Skill tests in Dig In.
Supply Wagon (XX652)
Supply Wagon (XX652)
Supply Wagon (XX652) Supply Wagon (XX652)
Gapping Obstacles
Pioneer Supply Vehicles Allow Re-rolls

A lot of pioneer equipment is heavy or power operated making it impossible to carry on foot. If the pioneer’s supplies are brought up by a vehicle, work proceeds much faster.

A team that has a Pioneer Supply vehicle within Command Distance (see page 65 of the main rulebook) may re-roll failed Skill Tests to gap Obstacles.

Supply Wagon (XX652)
Supply Wagon (XX652)
Supply Wagon (XX652)
Supply Wagon (XX652)
The Contents of the Supply Wagon Blister
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
Supply Wagon (XX652)
Description of Components
a. 1x Large base.
b. 2x Horse shafts.
c. 1x Horse pole.
d. 2x Wheel axles.
e. 4x Wagon wheels
1x Wagon driver.
g. 1x Walking horse.
h. 1x Standing horse.
i. 1x Wagon body.
j. 1x Supplies plug.
k. 1x Wagon canopy.
Assembling the Supply Wagon
Step 1. Begin by attaching the axles to the underside of the wagon. Step 2. Next, add the wagon wheels.
Step 3. Add the supplies plug.
Step 4. Then, the wagon driver.
Supply Wagon (XX652) Supply Wagon (XX652) Supply Wagon (XX652) Supply Wagon (XX652)
Step 5. You can add the canopy if you like.
Step 6. Next, attach each of the horse shafts to both sides of the horse pole.
Supply Wagon (XX652) Supply Wagon (XX652) Supply Wagon (XX652)
Step 7. Attach the horse pole to the front of the wagon. Step 8. Arrrange to the horses on the large base. Step 9. Finally, add the supply wagon by looping the ensuring the horse shafts over the horses. The supply wagon is now ready for painting.
Supply Wagon (XX652) Supply Wagon (XX652)
Supply Wagon (XX652)

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