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Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny (SSO193) Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny (SSO193)
includes one Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny Command Pioneer SMG team & one Small base.

Ivan was born into a very ordinary peasant family in August 1926 near Odessa in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. His father was a brigade leader on a collective farm while his mother was a collective farm member.
Red Bear
Red Bear
is the Allied forces (Soviet, Poles and Romanians). serving on the Eastern Front between January 1944 and February 1945.

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Red Bear
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Red Bear
The Soviets
Wayne takes a quick look at what you can expect from the Soviet lists covered by the Late War compilation Red Bear.

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Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny in Flames Of War
Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny is a Warrior Recce Pioneer SMG team. He replaces the Command Pioneer SMG team in an Inzhenerno-Saperniy Company for +70 points. Zabolotny is rated as Fearless Trained.

Zabolotny joined the military and became a platoon commander in early 1944. He led his platoon in the liberation of Shepetovka, Kremenets, Ternopol and Lvov on his way to the Polish border during Operation Bagration.

Upon reaching Poland his assault platoon, supported by OT-34 and PT-34 tanks, was initially repelled by stiff German resistance. Zabolotny however would not give up and after repeated attempts finally overcame the defences and took his objective with just seven members left in his platoon. He accepted these heavy losses as a part of combat operations. Ivan received a ‘For Bravery’ medal for this success.

Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny (SSO193)
Special Rules
For Bravery!
Zabolotny was awarded the Soviet ‘For Bravery’ medal twice for extreme courage in the face of the enemy. He was often chosen to lead the assault as his battalion attacked the enemy’s fortifications.

Zabolotny and his Inzhenerno-Saperniy Company always pass Motivation Tests on a 2+.

Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny (SSO193)
His tenacity to get things done found Ivan frequently called upon to perform reconnaissance missions prior to major assaults. His mission would be to uncover enemy gun emplacements and to estimate their strength. This talent kept him up front during most assaults.

When his unit reached the Vistula River near Sandomierz, Zabolotny was once again called upon to assault the German defences. His actions in storming across the river resulted in the award of his second ‘For Bravery’ medal. Ivan was very grateful when, upon reaching the other side of the river, he found an Italian soldier who was chained to a machine gun, surrendering instead of firing. For the last four months of 1944, his unit held the Sandomierz bridgehead against German counterattacks.
Leading the Way!
When Zabolotny led the way he would often reconnoitre ahead of his company to check and locate the enemy positions and discover the best route to attack them from.

If your Inzhenerno-Saperniy Batalon does not contain Sapper Spetsnaz Platoon you may Infiltrate with Zabolotny.

Zabolotny may Infiltrate his Inzhenerno-Saperniy Company. See the Infiltration rules on page 143 of Red Bear.

A tremendous artillery bombardment heralded their return to the offensive on 12 January 1945. It allowed them to break out of the bridgehead and advance towards the Polish city of Krakow.

On 26 January 1945, Ivan was assigned to a temporary detachment that included thirty tanks with six to eight riflemen on each tank. This detachment broke through the German lines advancing nearly forty kilometres into the German rear area. They encircled and liberated a concentration camp named Osventsim. (Auschwitz in German). He was awarded the Order of Glory 3rd Class for this action.

Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny (SSO193)
Ivan crossed the Oder River in February. There he was wounded in the assault on the German city of Breslau. Knocked unconscious by artillery, he awoke in a hospital with numerous injuries. Though he eventually fully recovered, his injuries ended his combat career in the Great Patriotic War.

Designed by Evan Allen & Gary Morley
The Contents of the Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny Pack
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Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny (SSO193) Description of Components
a. 1x Kneeling SMG figure.
b. 1x Kneeling Ivan Zabolotny figure.
c. 1x Small base.
Modelling Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny
To model Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny, simple arrange the Zabolotny and the SMG figure on the small base.
Leytenant Ivan Zabolotny (SSO193)

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