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Flames Of War Changes to the Flames Of War Range

Over the past few years the Flames Of War range has been expanding at a rapid pace with the release of new Early War ranges, as well as the ongoing expansion of Late War. The time has come to look at the number of box set products we sell and rationalise the list a little bit to make space for our next phase of Flames of War products - after all we need to create space on the shelves in stores to fit all the new products on.

The following box sets will be discontinued on Monday 20th of February.
Product Code
Product Name
AC001 Hurricane II Flight (1:144)
AC002 JU87 Stuka Flight (1:144)
AC003 Il2 Shturmovik Flight (1:144)
AC004 P-40 Warhawk Flight (1:144)
AC005 Typhoon Flight (1:144
AC006 HS129 Flight (1:144)
AC007 P-47 Thunderbolt Flight (1:144)
AC008 Fiat CR.42 Falco (1:144)
BBX03 Royal Horse Artillery Battery
BBX06 LRDG Half Patrol
BBX13 Medium Battery, Royal Artillery
BBX14 6 pdr Anti-Tank Platoon
BBX15 OQF 3.7 inch Anti-aircraft Gun
BBX17 Airborne Reconnaissance Platoon
Airlanding 6 pdr Anti-Tank Platoon
BBX19 Airlanding 17 pdr Anti-Tank Platoon
BBX20 Airlanding 75mm Pack Howitzer Battery
BBX22 OQF 4.5" Howitzer Field Battery
BBX24 SAS Platoon
BRAB05 British Armoured Regiment
British Rifle Company
FRAB01 Tank Combat Squadron
FRAB02 French Infantry Company
FRX01 Self-Propelled 47mm Anti-Tank Platoon
FRX02 75mm Artillery Battery
FRX03 Heavy Artillery Battery
FRX04 FFI Company
FRX05 All-terrain Towed 105mm Artillery Battery
FRX06 Self-propelled 75mm Anti-aircraft Platoon
GBX26 RSO w/ PaK40 Platoon
GBX27 8.8cm PaK43 Cruciform Mount
GBX28 Sperrverband Company
GBX29 Luftwaffe FlaK Nest
GBX31 Sturmtigers
GBX35 Brummbar Platoon
GBX42 Bunker Flak Platoon
Fallshirmjager Artillery Battery
GBX44 Fallshirmjager Heavy Artillery Battery
GBX48 Panzer IV D Platoon
GBX51 DAK Light Artillery Battery
GBX53 Hellfire and Back 88 Nest
GEAB07 78. Sturmdivision
GEAB08 German Light Panzer Company
GEAB09 German Schutzen Company
IBX02 M14/41 Platoon
IBX04 Self-Propelled Coastal Gun Platoon
IBX05 M11/39 Platoon
IBX06 75/27 Cannon Battery
IBX07 100/17 Howitzer Battery
IBX08 105/28 Howitzer Battery
IBX09 Hellfire and Back Tobruk Pits
IBX10 Autosahariana Platoon (AS37)
IBX11 Autosahariana Platoon (AS42)
ITAB01 Italian Compagnia Bersaglieri
PBX01 Reconnaissance Tank Platoon
PBX02 Piechoty Platoon
PBX03 75mm Light Gun Battery
PBX04 100mm Light Howitzer Battery
PBX06 Mounted Kawalerii Company
PBX07 155mm Heavy Artillery Battery
PLAB01 Polish Infantry Battalion
PLAB02 Polish Tank Company
SBX13 Engineer-Sapper Battalion
SBX15 M4 76mm Sherman Tankovy Company
SUAB03 8y Gvardeyskiy Strelkovy Korpus
UBX15 Parachute Field Artillery Battery
UBX16 Airborne Anti-Tank Platoon
UBX17 Airborne Recon Platoon
UBX19 The 'Devils Brigade' Company
UBX20 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery Platoon
UBX22 M5 3" Towed Tank Destroyer Platoon
USAB02 2nd Armored Division
At the top of the list you will see our range of Flames of War Aircraft. With the release of Version 3 we are in the process of repacking these into single aircraft to make it easier than ever to field those magnificent men in their flying machines!
The New Single Plane Box Sets
Ju 87 Stuka (AC002) IL-2 Shturmovik (AC003) P-47 Thunderbolt (AC007)
All of these boxed contents are being put into blisters so nothing is going away just being re-packaged.  This means that if you have any of these on your wish lists you should head into your local gaming store and grab one off the shelves now as what stock is out there is all that is left. This update brings the range back down to just over 100 boxes so plenty of core units to choose from and with more to come this year like the seven new US tank boxes space in stores needs to used wisely.
M18 Tank Destroyer Platoon (UBX10)
M18 Tank Destroyer Platoon (UBX10)
M4A3E8 Jumbo Tanks (UBX25)
M4A3E8 Jumbo Tanks (UBX25)
M4A3E8 Easy Eight (UBX26)
M4A3E8 Easy Eight (UBX26)

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