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Italian Vineyards (BB116) Italian Vineyards (BB116)
with eight vineyard rows, two vineyard fields and one packet of Green Static Grass.

Across Europe from western France to the Mediterranean, grapes have been grown for thousands of years for use in wine or other products. Long rows of leafy vines were a common sight near most small towns or local monasteries.

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Battlefront TV
John-Paul shows off the Italian themed offerings from the Battlefield in a Box range, including the Italian Vineyards.

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These vineyards provide a place for defending forces to dig in safe from casual observation behind rows of vines, where they can ambush an unwary foe. Vehicles find the vines difficult going, forcing an attacker to either bypass the defenders or risk bogging down.
Italian Vineyards (BB116) Included in the box:

• 8x Vineyard Rows
• 2x Vineyard Fields
• 1x Packet Green Static Grass

Sculpted by Jason Buyaki
Vineyard Row
Italian Vineyards (BB116)
Italian Vineyards (BB116)
Vineyard Field
Italian Vineyards (BB116) Left: The vineyard field.
Right: The vineyard field with the vineyard rows.
Italian Vineyards (BB116)
The Vineyards on the Tabletop
Italian Vineyards (BB116)
Italian Vineyards (BB116)
Italian Vineyards (BB116)
Fighting in the Vineyards
Italian Vineyards (BB116)

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