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Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)

Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
with three Rifle Squads and Command Rifle team.

Short, dark-skinned, and bearded, a Goum warrior is lean, wiry, and indifferent to the elements. Their keen eyesight made them good marksmen and their koumia, a short curved knife, was vicious in close combat. They wore their traditional black, brown, and white striped djellaba (a long, loose-fitting outer robe) and a turban with a small ponytail protruding so Allah could lift them to heaven when their task was complete.

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"A Goum Rifle Company uses most of the US Special Rules found in the Flames Of War rulebook. A Goum Rifle Company does not use the Automatic Rifles, Excellent Communications, or Under Command special rules. Instead, it uses any of the other US special rules as well as all of the following Goum special rules."

Goum Rifle platoons carry American Springfield rifles limited their firepower but the rifle’s light weight enabled the Goums to move quickly and silently through rough terrain and close rapidly with their enemies.

Above Left & Right: Goum Command Rifle team.

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Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Bob Pearce

Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
Goum Special Rules
Assault Troops
Goums attached to each division of the French Expeditionary Force led the charge on enemy positions.

Goum Platoons may re-roll failed Motivation Tests to Rally from being Pinned Down.
Goum Rifle Teams
Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802) Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802) Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
Cautious Movement
The Goums were experts at silently crossing the most barren terrain and surprise their prey before they could react.

Goum teams are considered Gone to Ground in the opponent’s following turn if they are Concealed, and did not move At the Double, shoot or assault in their own turn.
Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802) Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802) Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
Colonial Troops
France had a large colonial empire. Colonial troops are recruited to protect and maintain it from the native tribes of Algeria, Morocco and Senegal. While they may not be au fait with the latest military methods, they are renowned for their ferocity and prowess in personal combat.

Goum Platoons hit in assault combat on a roll of 3+.
Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802) Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802) Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
No Obstacle Too Tough
The Goums called the mountains of North Africa home and were at ease in travelling through seemingly impassable terrain.

Goum Infantry and Man-packed Gun teams are Mountaineers.
Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802) Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802) Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
Important Note!
Goum Rifle and Carbine teams are equipped with M1903 Springfield rifles and do not use the US Automatic Rifles special rule.
Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802) Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
The Goum Rifle Platoon
Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)

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