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17 pdr gun

17 pdr Gun (BR521)
Ordnance, Q.F., 17 pdr, Mark 1

As early as March 1941 the British recognised a need for a 3-inch calibre anti-tank gun to replace those existing in service at the time.

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17 pdr guns

A rapid development program was entered into and by August 1942 the first of the new 17 pdr guns were sent to the front.

The development of the gun itself was much faster then that of it’s specialised trail, so just the guns were sent to North Africa to deal with the new heavy German tanks. These first hundred were locally mounted on the trail of the 25pdr field gun, this became known as the 17/25 pdr.

17 pdr gun
17 pdr gun

When the split trail was finally completed in 1943 the 17 pdr gun was mounted on it and all further production was with the specialised anti-tank trail.

The gun was fitted with a vertical sliding breechblock that was similar in design to that of the 25 pdr. The recoil mechanised was mounted under barrel.     

Gun Data

Calibre: 76.2mm (3-inch)
Barrel Length: L/58.3 4.442m
Combat Weight: 2923kg
Overall Length: 7.54m
Height: 1.676m
Elevation: +16.5°
Depression: -6°
Traverse: 60°
Rate of Fire: 10 rpm
Maximum Range: 10,500m
Effective Anti-tank range: up to 1500m
Muzzle Velocity: 950 meters/second
Armour Penetration: 130mm at 1000 yards (914.4m)
Projectile weight: 7.65kg (17 lb)

17 pdr gun
17 pdr gun In Flames Of War

The 17 pdr became the main anti-tank gun of the British and Commonwealth forces fighting in Europe and can be found supporting most British companies in Flames Of War.
The 17 pdr has a range of 32”/80cm, ROF 2, AT 13 and FP 3+. Unfortunately early on the 17 pdr didn’t get an HE round, and later only very small amounts were available.

Designed by Evan
Painted by Jeremy
17 pdr gun
17 pdr gun  17 pdr gun
17 pdr guns
17 pdr gun 17 pdr gun
17 pdr gun
17 pdr gun

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