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6 pdr gun

6 pdr Gun (x2) (Late) (BR511)
Ordnance Q.F. 6 pdr. 7 cwt. Mark IV

The 6pdr was available as a design before the out-break of the war, but was shelved in 1939 until required.gn before the out-break of the war, but was shelved in 1939 until required. Its arrival on the battlefield was further delayed in 1940 when it was decided to continue producing the 2pdr anti-tank gun.

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6 pdr guns
It was thought that the delay in the change over in production and re-training of crews would hinder the supply of guns when there was already a severe shortage. 6 pdr gun
6 pdr gun

The first guns were produced in November 1941 after the experiences in the desert proved it was finally required to deal with the increasingly well-armoured German tanks.

The 6pdr soon started to replace the 2pdr in Royal Artillery units, and as stocks allowed it was issued to infantry units. 

Initially the 6pdr barrel designed was longer, but the length of the British lathe beds meant the barrel had to be made slightly shorter than intended.

This affected the muzzle velocity. Initial production (Mk 2 anti-tank, Mk 3 tank guns) concentrated on the 43 calibre (245cm) weapon.

6 pdr gun
6 pdr gun During production of the Mk 4 Anti-tank and Mk 5 tank guns larger lathes were available and the barrel was lengthened to 50 calibres (285cm) in order to increase the muzzle velocity. When the US started to produce their own (57mm, M1) their longer lathes allowed them to manufacture their’s to the original design specifications. It was adopted by the USA in 1941.
6 pdr guns
The 6-pdr changed the situation at the front in 1942. The anti-tank gunners could once again take on the Germans from the front. They also freed up many 25-pdr field guns, which had been temporarily pressed into the anti-tank role, so they could be returned to their primary infantry support role. 6 pdr gun
6 pdr gun

Several different types of ammunition were developed for the 6pdr.

Initially, a plain (AP) steel shot was used, the original loading being followed in service by a higher-velocity loading.

From October 1942 this was replaced by a capped (APC) shot to improve the performance against face-hardened armour. 

At the same time as a ballistic capped shot (APCBC) was introduced, which was heavier (and therefore had a reduced muzzle velocity), but had improved long-range performance. A HE shell was also developed.

6-Pounder Field Gun
Ordnance(Gun Mark IV on Carriage Mark I)

Weight with breech mechanism: 350 kg
Total weight in action: 1145 kg
Elevation: -5° to +15°
Traverse: 45° right and left

6 pdr gun
6 pdr gun

The 6pdr wasn’t fully phased out of service until 1960.

In Flames Of War

The  6 pdr equip the Anti-tank Platoons and Anti-tank Platoons, Royal Artillery so can be found supporting all manner of British Companies.

They are Medium guns with Range 24"/60cm, ROF 3, AT 10 and FP 4+. They are equipped with a Gun shield.

Gun Designed by Karl
Crew Designe by Evan
Painted by Jeremy
6 pdr gun
6 pdr gun 6 pdr gun
6 pdr gun 6 pdr gun
6 pdr gun
6 pdr gun

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