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Blitzkrieg We have officially renamed March as Polish Month here at Battlefront!
With so many Early War releases to come out, we thought that the Polish players were not feeling the love, so we have managed to group together a awesome pile which includes something that should excite any Flames Of War player... The Polish Armoured Train!
Polish Train
Polish Train
We also have a wide range of options to fill out an existing Polish force, or if you want to start one from scratch, now is definitely the time with tanks, more tanks, cavalry, dice... and did we mention... The Polish Armoured Train!
Polish Releases in March
Product Code & Release Date Product Name
13 March 2011
Reconnaissance Tank Platoon
75mm Light Gun Battery
100mm Light Howitzer Battery
20 March 2011  
Polish Train
Mounted Kawalerii Regiment
Dismounted Kawalerii Company
Motorcycle Platoon
Polish Dice Set
Reconnaissance Tank Platoon (PBX01) 75mm Light Gun Battery (PBX03) 100mm Light Howitzer Battery (PBX04)
Mounted Kawalerii Regiment (PBX06)
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