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Rommel’s Asparagus Step by Step


During 1944 to help stop gliders landing in important places, Rommel ordered rows of posts half sunken into the ground, standing on end, to be place in positions of likely Allied  glider landings.  If a glider did land in one of these areas the posts would smash the wings off, causing to them crash on landing.

Hard Board (6 – 8mm)
Sand (Fine)

Balsa wood or wood dowel posts
Static Grass
Paint Brushes

Rommel's Asparagus on table
Step 1

Mark out and cut out bases in 20cm x 5cm stripes. Then shave sides and ends to bevel them and allow them to blend better with your terrain. Same them off to the desired shape. Then glue the posts onto base. You may like to drill some holes in the base the same diameter as the post so the hold a little better. The posts need to be about 3 – 4mm in diameter and about 25-30mm tall. In this example I used some cast metal posts I had done for telephone poles.
Step 1
Step 2

Paint the base your base colour. While the paint is still wet sprinkle sand on the base. Once dry give it another coat with your base colour. When dry, dry brush with a lighter shade. Try to match the colours to your existing terrain.
Step 2
Step 3

Paint posts a wood colour, then apply static grass to match your terrain.


Step 3

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