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Road To Road
Scenario: Operation Fischfang
A Historical Scenario by Ken Camel

The capture of the Factory provided the Germans with the key positions from which they could launch a full-scale attack on the Anzio beachhead. The network of roads leading south and southeast offered the opportunity for the employment of heavy tanks to effect a breakthrough to the coast. In addition the German infantry used infiltration tactics to get up close to the Allied defenders.

Once the Germans crossed the open ground between the factory and the Padiglione woods they would have the cover needed to break the Allied defence in two and destroy the entire Anzio beachhead. The Allies pulled out all the stops bringing heavy anti-aircraft guns and 4.2 “ mortars forward to help and stop the German advance. Finally, even the artillery was used in direct fire to stop the German advance at the last line of defence.
Operation Fischfang uses Delayed Reserves, German Infiltration, Prepared Positions and Reserves Special Rules.

Your Orders

Keep the German offensive from opening the road to the Anzio beach. Use everything you have and don’t let up.

You have been given the finest  Feldmarschall Kesselring can deliver, including the new Panther tanks. Though faced with a massive Allied artillery and air support the Luftwaffe has arrived to help out. Keep the advance moving and break through to the beaches!

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Destroyed Italian village
An American G.I. tends to the wounded Preparing for Battle

1. Set up terrain using the map as your guide.

2. Place the objectives at A and B. Both Objectives are 8”/20 cm from US table edge.

3. The US player places all their platoons, except those in Delayed Reserves, in the US Deployment area. 

4. The German player deploys all their platoons, except those in Reserves, in the German Deployment area.

5. Beginning with the US player, both players now place their Independent teams in their respective deployment zones.
Beginning the Battle

1. All teams on the table start the game in Prepared Positions.

2. The German player has the first turn.

3. US Reserves enter from the US table edge.

4. German Reserves enter from the road exiting the German table edge behind the Factory.

German troops on the move
Troops on the move in the Italian countryside Ending the Game

The battle ends at the completion of  Turn Seven or when the German Player holds an objective.

Deciding Who Won

The German player wins by capturing an Objective, securing the road to Anzio before the end of Turn Seven or by breaking the US Force. This opens the way to split the Allied defence and collapse the Anzio bridgehead. The US player wins by preventing the capture of either objective, containing the German offensive against the Anzio beachhead.

German Infiltration

Before the first turn the German player may have one infantry platoon conduct a reconnaissance move. (It may move its full movement allowance (6”/15cm) towards the enemy but cannot end the movement within 16”/40cm of any enemy team).


All off-road terrain is considered mud (Difficult Going) as per terrain on page 246 of the FoW Rulebook. This can either be represented by roadways or continuous area terrain features between the designated roadways.

Factory should have at least one two-story building allowing German OPs Line of Sight over raised road.

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 Operation Fischfang Deployment Map
Orders of Battle
Operation Fischfang Orders of Battle

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