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with John-Paul

It has been a while since I updated you on our plans and the direction we are heading. Today, I am going to give you a detailed view of what we have planned for the coming year and where our heads are at with some of your frequently asked questions.

Let me start by saying that a great many of our decisions and changes to our plans this past year are a direct result of listening to your comments. Trying to get a balance between periods of the war, theatres and what to bring out has always been hard to manage. Given you are trying to please everybody and run a business at the same time, which I can tell you is not the easiest thing in the world.
Blitzkrieg Logo
We have amended our previous plan of focusing on a single period until it is done and decided to try the broader approach so that theaters and periods of the war all get something each year. This does not change our ongoing progression through Late-war but does mean we are making spaces to fit Mid, Early and other Late-war books into the schedule. What this should mean is that we give everybody something of what they want every year and gives you the freedom to choose rather than being driven by our ongoing Late-war plan.
Polish infantry ambush German Panzers
This also means the design team has had a chance to go back and revisit areas that we missed in Late-war (just like the Dogs & Devils book out in a few weeks), do Early-war well, and come up with some exciting new ways of playing Mid-war. In all, we are going to be moving forward with a broader selection of content to hopefully satisfy a wider spectrum of people all at the same time. Simple really!
Early War Preliminary Artwork by Vincent Wai

Early War Preliminary Artwork
Rommel Let’s begin with Early-war as I feel bad having included it in the April Fools' gag and made anybody think this might have been put back. It is on time and off to the printers in the next few weeks. This has been a truly monumental undertaking and something that when you see it in August, yes that right August 2010, you will understand why we took our time to get it right. When we did our initial plans for Early-war they just seemed too light and did not give this period enough of the attention it deserves.
After talking about it further we decided to have a four year plan that had us launching the period with a little 180 page hard back book covering the invasion of France and Poland. This tome covers 25 company lists and will be a great start to the period. The following year we will go to Africa followed by Russia and then a campaign setting in the fourth year. By spreading out the plan it has given us freedom to do the books properly and also allows us the time to make every model in each book. Monty
Char Bs
De-Gaulle As you can see from the cover art Blitzkrieg will be with you soon. Given we have almost 140 codes to make and even with Evan and Anton locked way for the better part of six months each not every model will be available when the book comes out, that and we figured nobody could get them all painted in one go as well - except Tom Wise of course. We have tried to make it easy to get started in the period by producing eight army boxes, a tank and infantry one for each of the four nations. Each force is playable in its own right but we have included only new models and made then complement each other so that combining the two gives you no duplication and about 3000 points.
We left out the models that are currently on sale like the Char B as that and about 40 other codes are available to buy already. The army deals will be released at the rate of four a month from the release of the book giving you only an eight week window where you will see the core of the Early-war range on sale. After that we will start offering the other codes in the usual way. Tokens, paint sets and the usual necessary add-ons are all coming as well as a train! Orlik
BEF & Matildas
Dogs and Devils

With Late-war, we are just about to release the first of two Italy books. Again, once we started down the path of wanting to do it properly it was obvious that we could not condense all of Ken’s research and cool lists into just one book. However with a break for Early-war followed by Wayne’s Budapest book in November (for all the Eastern front fans out there) the second Italy book will be released in March 2011.

The following summer period (winter for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere) will be taken up by some Early and Mid-war Africa products so we will be starting the Bulge in September/October next year.

With the updated versions of North Africa and Eastern Front released just recently, we thought Mid-war players would not mind waiting until we tackle Africa for Early-war before they get a serious boost. We have a summer in the desert planned with not only an Early-war book but a campaign system that works for both periods. Lets not forget the usual assortment of cool new models that will come with a return to the sands of North Africa.

Firestorm Market Garden is almost with you and will be out on Saturday 1st May. We were about to announce it last week when some volcano up north decided to hold the final shipments into the UK up and although the rest of the world had theirs already it seemed safer to check we had the final plastics before the date was confirmed. You have already seen some of the information on this project and given you have had plenty of time to build up your Market Garden forces this will be the ideal way to test your mettle and see if you have what it takes to capture all the bridges.

Firestorm Market Garden Box Artwork
Firestorm Market Garden Box Details Next weekend there is also a second box going on sale - A Bridge Too Far. For those of you who have seen and used Firestorm you will know what the Generals Wargame is. For the rest of you it is a simulator we came up with for you to test out and play through your plan with dice instead of game results. This was done to help people feel your way through the pitfalls before playing the campaign with a group of people and give two players a fun couple of hours fighting across the board at the same time.
When we came to do the same thing for Market Garden we expanded on the mechanics to encompass the unique situation of a massive airborne assault and kept finding people who were testing it, me included, saying that the was a great game in its own right and we realised that we had inadvertently just created our first stand alone board game. The game uses the same board and playing pieces as the Firestorm set but is a board game for 2-5 players. The Firestorm box still has the Generals Wargame in it so you get both with Firestorm but anybody who has an itch to try a great new World War Two board game - with nothing at all to do with Flames Of War - will not be disappointed. Operation Market Garden Boardgame Box Artwork
Operation Market Garden Boardgame Box Details We have only made limited numbers of this as it is a first attempt at a board game, but I am confident it won’t be the only one you see from us this year.

I will leave you with a final few bits of news. We have not forgotten about Pacific and have plans to do it but it will not be for a couple of years as our revised plan has us pretty busy until the end of 2011. We have been working on plastics and experimenting a little more with the Firestorm pieces but it is still early days and we have no firm plans to have anything to market at present. We have put the idea of a second historical period on the back burner for a while.
Time is the enemy when it comes to all these cool ideas and given the choice there are just so many more things for World War Two to do before we launch another period. I think that just about covers it all for now and although I still can’t put you out of your misery yet and confirm all the April Fools' list keep an eye on the GF9 and WI updates for more news.

~ John-Paul.

P.S. - A photo of a member of staff in their new uniform will be coming soon but we are having trouble finding a suitably attractive candidate.

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