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Flames Of War Logo Perth Flames Of War Interclub Challenge Rules
by Neil Todd

I moved to Perth (Australia) in May 2005, initially I was on my own, as my family did not follow until September. This was pretty hard on the family and me, but it did have one fortunate side effect. Wargames, I could play as often as I liked. I had done a little research before moving so I knew there were two clubs that played the games I was interested in, I also knew there was a very active group of players in the north of the city.

I joined the Perth Miniatures Gamers Group (PMGG) and discovered no one really played Flames Of War, but after a few weeks I had some converts.
I also was in contact with the northern players and went and played at a couple of their places. I arrange Perth’s first two day competition in August and we had several of the Napoleonic Wargames Society (NWS) members and a couple of the Northern boys turn up. The competition went really well and the NWS Craig Andrews arranged the next competition for October. This one was bigger and better and has really lifted the bar.

Tabletop Action
Gaming Action
It had been at the PMGG competition that Craig and I had talked about the idea of a Flames Of War interclub competition. At the NWS competition we discussed it further and enlisted the aid of David Capon from the northern group. In November I sent out a draft set of rules and within a couple of weeks we finalised them.
The concept is pretty easy; three players for a team, preferred games are early, mid and late. All match ups must be Allied vs. Axis. The home side gets to set the terrain and the visiting players chose which table they will fight on. There is a random mission generator and the winning club is determined by total wins. Should sides be equal on wins then battle points are used.

The carnage after battle
The masses enjoying themselves In 2006 we are only having one set of six rounds to test out the system, next year we will aim for two full sets of rounds. With two rounds played so far and two more scheduled for mid June things are going well.
Last night saw NWS visit PMGG, PMGG players tend to use infantry armies why NWS seems to have more armoured players, when we visited them earlier in the year we fought on more open fields than we would have liked, so we set three quite heavy tables last night. A cityscape where my Schnell Squadron ended up playing break through against Justin’s US armour, A snow field where Chris’s Schnell squadron fought Craig’s previously undefeated Kiwi’s in a free for all and a river valley where Adam’s  English infantry fought Andrews Italian Tanks in another Break through. German Halftracks
The two Schnell squadron games were very close affairs with both Chris and I pulling off narrow 4-3 wins. Adam unfortunately was out manoeuvred by Andrew for a 1-6 loss. In the first round of Interclub PMGG visited NWS we managed one win. So at present both PMGG and NWS are on 3 wins each however NWS is ahead on battle points.
I hope this gives you some ideas for playing interclub games, they can be great fun. Besides the three interclub games, clubs are encouraged to bring some extras members along for friendly matches at the same time.

Download the Interclub Challenge Rules (PDF)…

~ Nei
Soviet Terrain

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