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Army Kit Bag (BAG01) Army Kit Bag (BAG01)

The Army Kit Bag has been designed with ruggedness in mind. Built with a rigid case for durability, it also includes pockets built in for books, templates and dice tins.

With the ability to be opened from the top and front, it features special laser cut foam trays, a technique pioneered by Battlefoam which has allowed for the creation of trays with specific shapes and depths in mind to cover all your Flames Of War needs.
The Army Kit Bag comes with five different tray designs that cover everything from small bases or vehicles to the space for the Big Cats and artillery.

This mix allows for the best combination, giving you enough space to field a couple of smaller armies or a Soviet horde. With all the models carried upright, there is no risk of damage as you move your forces around.
The foam trays included with the Army Kit Bag.
The pocket for the dice tin. This case carries more models than two equivalent “black” versions that other companies offer and with the ability to simply store more models in trays.

The final idea incorporated into the design is the ability to identify your bag and your particular army. To tackle this we have made two Velcro friendly areas on the front and the top of the case. The long version is for your name and the front one for your divisional badge.

These features make the Army Kit Bag a must for any Flames Of War enthusiast.

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Key Features
  • Durable, light weight design.
  • Rugged construction featuring triple stitching.
  • Canvas exterior with rigid plastic inner shell that resists crushing.
  • Extra pockets for books and gaming aids.
  • Foam trays made specifically for Flames Of War models.
  • Removable shoulder strap with metal clips and bindings.
  • The ability to personalise with a name tape and unit patch.
  • Dimensions: 16”/40cm x 10”/25cm x 9”/ 22.5cm.
The pocket for books.
Even more books. The pocket for gaming aids.
The foam trays with models.
Romeo from Battlefoam provides a demonstration of the Army Kit Bag

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