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Company HQ, with 3" mortar option (BR761) British Infantry in the Mediterranean
(BR761 to BR765)

As the war in the Mediterranean moved from Libya to Tunisia then into Sicily and Italy so too did the battledress of the British and Commonwealth soldier evolve to suit the environment.
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Company HQ Banner

After the initial adoption of shorts and shirtsleeves order in Egypt and Libya in 1940 and 41, the desert soldier soon found their exposed legs developed desert sores that would not heal when constantly exposed  to the sand. Soon long trousers became part of desert dress as well. The North African winters can be come surprisingly cold forcing troops once more back into their thick woollen battledress and even greatcoats.
Company Command Team (BR761)
Company 2iC Team (BR761) 3" Mortar Team (BR761)
Mortar Observer Team (BR761) Mortar Spotter Team (BR761)
Company Command Team (BR761) Mortar Observer Team (BR761)
BR762 organised as a Rifle Platoon
Rifle/MG Team (BR762)
Rifle Platoon Banner

The new range of British (Italy) Infantry can be used for troops fighting in Libya, Tunisia, Sicily and Italy. They are dressed in long trousers and shirts with the sleeves rolled up in the warm conditions of the Mediterranean theatre. They are suitable for forces in the region from 1942 to 1945.

Rifle Platoon Banner
BR762 organised as a Motor Rifle Platoon
Anti-tank Rifle Team (BR762) Rifleman (BR762)
Rifle Team (BR762) Rifle Team (BR762)

In Flames of War

These troops can be used for both motorised companies found in North Africa as well as making late war forces in Italy.

Designed and Painted by Evan Allen


Lorried Rifle Platoon Banner
PIAT Team (BR762)
BR762 organised as a Lorried Rifle Platoon
Light Mortar Team (BR762) Command Team (BR762)
Sergent (BR762)
Riflemen and Bren Gunner (BR762)
PIAT Gunner (BR762)
Machine-gun Platoon, with 2 sections
Command Team (BR764)

 MG Platoon Banner

 Machine-gun Team (BR764)

Command Team (BR764)
Mortar Platoon, with 2 mortar sections (BR765)

Mortar Observer Team (BR765)

Mortar Platoon Banner (BR765)

Mortar Team (BR765)

Mortar Command Team (BR765)
Mortar Team (BR765) Mortar Team (BR765)

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