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Rifle Company (Italy) (BBX04) Rifle Company (Italy) (BBX04)

Commanding an infantry company may not sound glamorous, but the infantry aren’t called the ‘Queen of Battle’ for nothing. No battle has ever been won without the infantry doing their bit. Solid and enduring in defence and implacable in the attack, the infantry are the foundation for all other arms. Not that they can win battles on their own.
No, the gunners of the Royal Artillery are indispensable, and good infantry tanks invaluable, but it is the infantryman getting out of his trench and walking across no-man’s land to get the enemy out of his at the point of a bayonet that wins us victories.
Rifle Company (Italy) (BBX04)
Rifle Company (Italy) (BBX04) The infantry have been the backbone of the British Army since its inception three hundred years ago. These days the Thin Red Line wears khaki, and Lee-Enfield rifles and Bren light machine-guns have replaced the old Brown
Bess musket, but their reputation for tenacity remains.
With a 2” mortar to knock out machine-gun pits, and a Boys anti-tank rifle or one of the new PIAT anti-tank launchers for taking out tanks, the lads in a Rifle Platoon can take anything Jerry throws at them.

This box set contains all the models shown in the diagram with an extra PIAT model to replace one Boys Anti-tank rifle. this box also contains a Bagpiper to replace one miniature on the Company Command stand, allowing you to field a Scots company.

Rifle Company (Italy) (BBX04)
Rifle Company (Italy) (BBX04)
Rifle Company (Italy) (BBX04)

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