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Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216) Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216)

The major lack of transport for the Indian Army at the out break of the war led to the development of a carrier that could be easily produced on the existing 15cwt GMC truck chassis. An armoured body was mounted on the truck to create the Indian Pattern Carrier. It was produced from 1940 - 44.

The Indian Pattern Carrier is a four-wheeled vehicle. The armoured body was constructed in India, mainly by the Indian Railways, the chassis, however, was the universal G.M.C./Ford Canadian Military Pattern (CMP).
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The chassis were shipped from Canada to India where the armoured bodies were mounted.
The MK 1 version had the motor in the front, from the MK II onward the motor was in the rear.

The same chassis powered the South African Marmon-Herrington Armoured Cars, and in Canada it was used on the G.M.C./Ford Quad Field Artillery Tractor, also used with a number of Commonwealth forces.
Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216)
Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216) The Mark I and Mark II carriers were issued to the 4th and 5th Indian Infantry Divisions in North Africa 1941-42. The 10th Indian Infantry Division in Syria 1941 used the Mark II.

Indian Infantry divisions operating in Italy 1943-45, all appear to be equipped with Mark II and later models of the Armoured Carrier 4 Wheel Indian pattern.
The vehicles served in India and Malaya 1942 - 46, and were used by the Royal New Zealand Artillery in Korea.
Specifications for Mk.2a

Crew: 3 to 4
Engine: Gasoline
Weight: 5797 lbs/2629kgs
Speed: 49.7mph/80kph
Armament: 1 x 13.97mm Boys anti-tank rifle;
1 x 7.7mm Bren machine gun
Length: 185.968" (472cm)
Width: 89.044" (226cm)
Height: 78.012" (198.15cm)
Armour: .55" (1.4cm)
Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216)
Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216) In Flames Of War

The Indian Pattern Carrier replaces all Universal, MMG and OP Carriers in an Indian Company.

It has Jeep mobility, 0 Top, Side and Front armour, and can carry 1 passenger. It is armed as the Carrier it replaces depending on the role it is operating in.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Glen Tibbles
Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216) Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216)
Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216) Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216)
Indian Pattern Carrier (BR216)

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