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M13 MGMC (twin .50cal) (US160) M13 MGMC (twin .50cal) (US160)
contains options for the M13 (twin .50cal) & the M16 (quad .50cal).

The M13 MGMC was the product of the US army’s long-standing requirement for an anti-aircraft vehicle to protect its mechanized forces.

The M13 consisted of twin .50 cal machine-guns mounted on an electrically operated turret developed by the Maxson Co., on a modified M3 half-track personnel carrier. Standardised in September 1942, it was re-designated Substitute Standard upon standardisation of the M16 MGMC (multiple gun motor carriage) quad .50 cal.
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The armoured turret had a traverse of 360˚ and could be elevated from –10˚ to +90˚, except in front where depression is limited to –5˚ because of the drivers cab projection.

Each gun could fire between 400-500 rounds per minute and had a maximum range of 7,200 yards. Standard ammunition feed boxes of 200 rounds capacity each were provided. Fire control is by a Navy Mark IX reflex sight. Provision is made for carrying a .45 cal submachine gun, a .30 cal rifle and three .30 cal carbines.

The crew consisted of a Gunner, two loaders, a driver and the commander. Armour is the same as on the M3 half-track, except that the upper sides and rear are hinged and can be folded downward to permit firing at –10˚ depression.
M13 MGMC (twin .50cal) (US160)
M16 MGMC (quad .50cal) option M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage

It was soon decided to add another set of .50 cal machine-guns to the M33 turret, giving the turret 4 .50 cal machine-guns (designated the M45 turret) this went into production as the M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage.

It proved such a successful weapon it was one of the few M3 Halftrack variants to be continued to be used after the war and saw extensive use in Korea where its high rate of fire prove invaluable in holding off Chinese human wave attacks.
It was manufactured from 1942 to 1944, later models being based on the International Harvester version of the M3 (the M5) and was officially designated the M17 though for all intents and purposes it was the same as the M16.

Designed & Painted by Evan Allen
M16 MGMC (quad .50cal) option
M13 MGMC (twin .50cal) (US160) M13 MGMC (twin .50cal) (US160)
Below: The M13 (twin .50cal) option.
M13 MGMC (twin .50cal) (US160) M13 MGMC (twin .50cal) (US160)
Below: The M16 (quad .50cal) option.
M16 MGMC (quad .50cal) option M16 MGMC (quad .50cal) option

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