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Desert Sandbags dug-in marker box

Battlefield in a Box – New Releases Coming Soon

Over the next few months the range of Battlefield in a Box products will be expanded to include a whole range of new items to help make your battlefields more interesting. The first releases in the range are desert themed rocky hills and sandbag dug-in markers, timed for the release of North Africa. These are a limited run of painted variants of other products that will be released later this year. These variant versions will only be available via the Flames of War online store and will be painted and ready to go, straight out of the box.

Small Desert Hills

Desert Sandbags dug-in markers
Desert Sandbags dug-in markers
Two-part Desert Hill Large Desert Hill
Coming in September and October will be our second wave of releases including the original paint versions of the hills and a range of European Dug-In Markers.
Small Rocky Hills
Entrenchment marker box Log Emplacements marker box Sandbags dug-in marker box
Large Rocky Hill Two-part Rocky Hill

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