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Mid War Monsters

Mid-war Monsters
Experimental Vehicles 1942-1943

Flames Of War allows you to take on the role of a field commander manoeuvring your troops across the battlefields of World War II, bringing this classic period of warfare to life in your own games room. With Mid-war Monsters you can test out the experimental super tanks of 1942 and 1943 to see how they would have performed if they had made it into production.

Massive 100-ton super tanks, nearly impenetrable light tanks, incredibly powerful tank-hunters, heavy armoured cars, and vastly-improved medium tanks.

These are some of the projects that the scientists and engineers of Great Britain, The United States, Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union laboured towards in 1942 and 1943. Some designs were combat tested, while others never got past the prototype stage, but what if they had seen widespread service? How good would they have been?

Is 6.7”/170mm of armour (twice that of a Tiger tank) worth the cost in mobility? Is 3.15”/80mm of armour too much for a machine-gun armed tank? Do you really need 12.8cm anti-tank guns half-again as long as an ‘88’, or 26-ton armoured cars? Would an improved M4 Sherman or T-34 tank been worth the disruption to production?

Right Top: German Porsch Tiger heavy tanks fight Soviet T-43 medium tanks. Bottom: US T-55E1 Tank destroyer and M6 heavy tank take on Italian P40 tanks. 

Mid-war Monsters allows you and your friends to try out some of the scientists’ more interesting and outlandish creations on the Flames Of War battlefield and answer these questions for yourselves.

Inside You Will Find:

- Three British monsters ranging from the TOG2*, a throwback to the First World War armed with a 17 pdr gun, to the Boarhound armoured car, which weighs as much as a Sherman tank.
- The Anglo-American T14 assault tank.
- Three US monsters: the M6 heavy tank, America’s answer to the Tiger, the M27 designed to replace the Sherman, and the 8-wheeled T55 tank destroyer.
- Five German monsters including Porsche’s version of the Tiger tank, the Panzer I F light tank with Tiger-like armour, the Dicker Max, Sturer Emil, and 8.8cm FlaK18 Sfl tank-hunters.
- Two Italian monsters: the P40 heavy tank that was nearly a match for a Sherman tank, and the improved Semovente 75/34.
- Four Soviet monsters with the new T‑43 medium tank and three heavy tanks ranging from the 100-ton KV-5 down to the comparatively light 43-ton IS-85.

Top: Porsch Tigers fight T-43 tanks, bottom: T-55E1 Tank destroyer and M6 heavy tank take on P40 tanks
T-14 Assault tanks with Shermans

How to Field Mid-war Monsters in Flames Of War

You can use Mid-war Monsters to field experimental tanks in your normal mid-war Flames Of War force.
Use one of our mid-war Intelligence Handbooks—Afrika or Ostfront—or one of the Intelligence Briefings that you can download from our website, to form the core of your force. Now add a platoon of experimental tanks as extra support to give your force more punch!

Some of the experimental tanks can also be used to replace more conventional equipment in your force. An example of this is the Boarhound I heavy armoured car. Any British force can replace its normal Armoured Car Platoon with a Heavy Armoured Car Platoon to give their reconnaissance a boost.

Experimental Support Platoon

Every force using Mid-war Monsters can field a single experimental support platoon. This platoon can be any of the experimental tank platoons from the same country.

The experimental support platoon is additional to the normal support options that you can field.

As an example, a British Rifle Company could field a Heavy Tank Platoon of TOG 2* heavy tanks as a support choice, regardless of the other support choices it is fielding (providing it can pay the points of course!)

Replacing Standard Equipment

While many of the experimental tanks were heavy or even super-heavy designs, some of them were new designs for medium tanks and other standard equipment.

The TOG page
Key Position Mission

The experimental tanks that can replace standard equipment describe the types of platoons and tanks that they can replace in the box on how to field them in Flames Of War

As an example, the Churchill 3” Gun Carrier rules on page 9 of Mid-war Monsters state that any British Rifle or Tank Company may replace any or all Tank Platoons with Gun Carrier Tank Platoons.

Experimental tanks used this way replace their standard counterparts, but otherwise follow the usual company structure and all of the rules applying to the force that they are part of.


Each experimental tank has its associated platoon structure and points cost depending on its strength and any additional options that you select.

The platoon diagram shows the tanks that you need to make that unit a combat-worthy force.


Experimental tanks are by their very nature unusual, in that they experiment with new ideas, technology and layouts. Many of the experimental tanks in this book have special rules that reflect their oddities.

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